11/11 Portal A Reading for the Lightworker Collective


UPDATED: 3/26/2020 – From The Divinely Preserved Healer YouTube Channel comes a newly-created video on my 11:11 Portal Reading. Enjoy, Beloved!


ORIGINAL POST: 11/11/2019

Greetings beloved,

Due to technical difficulties during my video recording, I wasn’t able to release this earlier today. Nevertheless, here it is – my reading for the Lightworker Collective as it relates to “today’s” 11/11 portal.

I pulled a total of nine cards from three different oracle decks with the names of the decks and cards provided below.

There is a lot of 3, 5, and 7 energy which in summary is about being spiritually aligned on such a level that karma is cleared leading to long-lasting (positive) change and transformation.

Hey after you finish listening, check out the angel number 357 card here for a bit of confirmation.

Also, this is a timeless reading, so you’ll see it when you’re ready to receive it.

Enjoy and be blessed!
~the divinely preserved healer a.k.a. Jaketha


From the Lightworkers Oracle deck: Sixth Ray of Devotion (#43), Karmic Clearing (#5) & Spiritual Decree (#41).


From the Keepers of the Light deck: Light Activation (Sanat Kumara), Focused Intention (Diana) & Divine Order (Lady Portia).


From the Energy Oracle deck: Door to Personal Healing and Happiness (#43), the Thinking Man (#46) & Angel of Love (#49).


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