I AM ∞ JAH-KEY-tha




A student of life, Dr. Jaketha (jah-key-tha) is a leading authority on helping the voiceless identify, clarify, and “strategize” for the discovery and fulfillment of their life’s purpose. As an agent of change and hope, her life’s purpose is attuning to and relaying the heart of God (Source) to certain  weary and heavy-laden individuals in an effort to restore and heal their mind, body, and soul from that which has kept them from awareness of their divine destiny.

As a first-time author, she has spent 15 years off and on working on the manuscript for The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny In Spite of Your Upbringing (2017, GYH Press). The House of Jezebel exposes the modern-day grip of the ‘spirit of Jezebel’ as it continues to ‘kill off’ the next generation before they can even leave the natural womb of their mother’s belly, let alone grow up and tap into the power of their own spiritual wombs for birthing out purpose and destiny as mentally, emotionally, and spiritually stable adults. To learn more about #thojbook, explore it and its related podcasts here. ✍

Here’s reply to those who have asked why it has taken so long:

I will not rush the healing process….[This book] will make its debut in due season and as a result will position me to be forever released from regret, shame, blame, guilt, [and any other negative emotions] that no longer serves my highest good. It is through this spirit of inner healing that others will also be healed as a result of reading The House of Jezebel.”

For the nearly 20 years, she has worked in technology for public libraries systems. In addition to being a “‘librarian’ of things technical,” she earned a ITMLE© certification along with an Exhortation-focused life coach. Looking back, she has completed studies in demonology/exorcism, pastoral counseling, once wrote for a monthly column for Divine Inspirations Magazine (2009-2010) and once hosted a faith-based podcast called Got ISH-OOS? (or “got issues”) on BlogTalkRadio. She has earned several “secular” degrees in fields ranging from architecture to engineering along with having completed a “religious” doctorate in Christian Education (Ed.D.).

As a certified Reiki Master/Teacher and a MCKS Pranic Healing Practitioner, she is currently working to establish a holistic healing center where she lives in northwest Louisiana. In addition, Jaketha is wrapping up her studies as a natural health consultant and as an alchemical herbalist, along with pursuing doctorate-level metaphysical studies in Bible Interpretation (D.Div). She calls Shreveport, Louisiana home, where she lives with her son, Mr. D.

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~Dr. Jaketha

As an agent of change, my mission is to attune to and relay the heart of the Universal God to those within my sphere of influence in an effort to restore and heal their MIND, BODY & SOUL from that which has kept them bound from the knowledge of and/or the fulfillment of their DIVINE DESTINY.”
~Dr. Jaketha