Are You Spiritually Protecting yourSELF? Antivirus & Malware Isn't Just for PCs...

For the conflict is not only with flesh and blood, but also with the angels, and with powers, and rules of this world of darkness, and with evil spirits under the heavens.1 For the past 20 years or so, I’ve worked in the information technology field and lawd, have mercy on us as it relates to how things have evolved with both hardware and especially software. In this post, please bare with me as I make an analogy between the physical world of computers and Read More

Manifesting Gone Awry You Can't Rush Destiny

In recent weeks, I’ve encountered a number of people who have set in motion some HARD LESSONS for themselves. What do I mean? Well, they’ve been too busy trying to rush their destinies into manifestation which – in the end – spells PAIN, SUFFERING, and a host of UNEXPECTED TROUBLES. In other words, they’ve somehow surmised that the Heavens must either be ignoring them or perhaps is preoccupied with more important cases. Unfortunately, such erroneous thinking could lead one to say: “Well okay God! Since Read More

While You Wait Patience & Preparation are Key

Surely, I’m not the only one clinging to the familiar when it comes to pursuing their soul’s mission versus attending to everyday responsibilities. Now am I?!? The typical hustle for our daily bread is what the majority of us focus on day in and day out and with good reasons. Keeping a roof over our heads, having a means to come and go (transportation), food to eat, and clothes on our back, go to jobs we love (or hate), are all necessities of a comfortable Read More

Depressed Not Possessed Negative Entities Are Far From Harmless

“Maybe its the weather or something else but I just feel like there’s a dark cloud over my head,” a friend said to me a few days ago. “I don’t remember – but I think it was last week – someone told me it sounded like I had a demon…” Her deflated tone changed as she enthusiastically continued: “…and that I need to pray and cast the Devil away.” 🙋 Now I had no problems with her being concerned about her own well-being or even with Read More

What Your Light Attracts Parasitic People Can See Your Light Too

Growing up in the house of Jezebel, I recall a strange summertime ritual that she faithfully adopted year after year.  Every night, she would plug in a huge bug zapper that hung near the end of the carport. Then every morning, we’d wake up to find dozens if not hundreds of insects having met their demise. Of course, at night, flying insects are attracted to light whether its artificial or not.  Actually, one source confirms: “Artificial lights attract moths, flies, crane flies, mayflies, beetles and Read More