Why We Don’t Speak When You Bring the Drama, I Say "Bye Felicia!"

Sometimes in the process of discussing a matter with a trusted associate, a well of truth and revelation may spring forth.🌊 Although it’s possible the person listening to your plight might add some layer of clarity (or confusion) to your understanding, that’s not quite what I’m referring to here. Actually, I’m speaking more in line with hearing yourself. 👂 If you are someone who is familiar with examining Self, then it means you have ears to hear yourSELF. It means you possess the ability to Read More

Kindergarten: Beneficial or Dumb Down…?

UPDATE: Since this post, I’ve visited a local elementary school that’s almost perfect, so let’s see how this pans out! 🙂 Last week, my little one and I visited a few local stores to buy items in anticipation of a “cold snap”, which is a nice way of saying “It’s about to snow in the South!” As we were proceeding to check out at a local Bed, Bath & Beyond, an African-American cashier in her late-20s, early-30s gave my son a “He’s a cutie!” compliment Read More

The Storms of Motherhood

Yesterday marked the 17th year since my mother’s passing. In honor of her, I purchased a yellow Mother(-hood) intention candle. I said a quick prayer aloud in which… I thanked her for being my mother I acknowledged that she had been “robbed of the chance” to raise me I further told her that I would honor my role as a mother, by continue my own inner (healing) work so that I’d could be an example for my four-year-old son. With that said, I lite the Read More

Love yourSelf More…

My emotions were on High today but instead of suppressing them, I chose to address them. It all started this morning with I opened up Twitter and came across: “Don’t write off a person who hurts you. If you do, the same suffering will come again, in another form.” (Source) Actually in the past five years, there has been a certain someone in my life that clearly fits such a description. That tweet sparked my interest because I really start to wonder: “Hum?!? Who [else] Read More

Paying Homage to Maternal Ancestors

~A Mother’s Day 2017 Exclusive ~ This morning when I woke up the last thing on my mind was whether or not I’d receive a special gift for Mother’s Day. Instead, I had a burning desire to give to my own mother. Actually I woke up realizing that although my mother had passed away almost 20 years ago, even in her earthly life I couldn’t recall ever having purchased her a true Mother’s Day gift aside for the “infamous and impersonal” Mother’s Day card. Well Read More