Spiritual Identity Crisis

Two years ago this very past weekend, I had a rather elaborate dream in which an unknown Source “BEstowed” me with several sets of keys. At least two sets were for custom vehicles that had “double ignitions,” whereas, the others included a (modern) house key alongside an ancient iron vintage skeleton key. Collectively, they seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Yet having found them under such mysterious conditions, I knew they were of great significance. Without wasting any time contemplating their meaning, I knew Read More

Love yourSelf More…

My emotions were on High today but instead of suppressing them, I chose to address them. It all started this morning with I opened up Twitter and came across: “Don’t write off a person who hurts you. If you do, the same suffering will come again, in another form.” (Source) Actually in the past five years, there has been a certain someone in my life that clearly fits such a description. That tweet sparked my interest because I really start to wonder: “Hum?!? Who [else] Read More

When Your Heart Yearns For More

~ An Ant Analogy ~ “Four things are small on the earth, yet they are exceedingly wise: the ants are a people without strength, yet they prepare their food in the summer”1 I am no stranger to intuitive dreams but last night (March 21, 2017) was no exception. I won’t go into every detail but basically, I was running from something only to trip and fall into a live ant bed. Actually, it was my right hand/arm that broke my fall. Later I woke up Read More