Manifesting Gone Awry You Can't Rush Destiny

In recent weeks, I’ve encountered a number of people who have set in motion some HARD LESSONS for themselves. What do I mean? Well, they’ve been too busy trying to rush their destinies into manifestation which – in the end – spells PAIN, SUFFERING, and a host of UNEXPECTED TROUBLES. In other words, they’ve somehow surmised that the Heavens must either be ignoring them or perhaps is preoccupied with more important cases. Unfortunately, such erroneous thinking could lead one to say: “Well okay God! Since Read More

What Your Light Attracts Parasitic People Can See Your Light Too

Growing up in the house of Jezebel, I recall a strange summertime ritual that she faithfully adopted year after year.  Every night, she would plug in a huge bug zapper that hung near the end of the carport. Then every morning, we’d wake up to find dozens if not hundreds of insects having met their demise. Of course, at night, flying insects are attracted to light whether its artificial or not.  Actually, one source confirms: “Artificial lights attract moths, flies, crane flies, mayflies, beetles and Read More

I’m Sorry – Not! My Emotions are Mine & Yours are Yours

One of the hardest things to overcome is when someone close to you – like a family member or friend – causes so much hurt and pain over time that you’re forced to either temporarily – or worse, permanently – walk away from that relationship. That person or persons may or may not ever realize the impact of their actions. But one way to know is through those individuals who hang out with that person – you know those who stand on the sidelines or Read More

Why We Don’t Speak When You Bring the Drama, I Say "Bye Felicia!"

Sometimes in the process of discussing a matter with a trusted associate, a well of truth and revelation may spring forth.🌊 Although it’s possible the person listening to your plight might add some layer of clarity (or confusion) to your understanding, that’s not quite what I’m referring to here. Actually, I’m speaking more in line with hearing yourself. 👂 If you are someone who is familiar with examining Self, then it means you have ears to hear yourSELF. It means you possess the ability to Read More

When Darkness Prevails… The Demon Upstairs

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” ~ Nikola Tesla Last year, I signed up for a new energy healing modality called Pranic Healing. During a short break on the first day of a two-day class, my friend who came with me to help with my little one asked if I was getting anything out of the training. Since I know she isn’t familiar with energy healing, I reluctantly proceeded to explain how it Read More