While You Wait Patience & Preparation are Key

Surely, I’m not the only one clinging to the familiar when it comes to pursuing their soul’s mission versus attending to everyday responsibilities. Now am I?!? The typical hustle for our daily bread is what the majority of us focus on day in and day out and with good reasons. Keeping a roof over our heads, having a means to come and go (transportation), food to eat, and clothes on our back, go to jobs we love (or hate), are all necessities of a comfortable Read More

What’s Your Motivation? Everyone Has a (Spiritual) Purpose

Since Office Space is one of my all-time favorite movies, it’s no wonder I woke up this morning hearing words of wisdom from Peter Gibbons. Typically before I get up in the morning, I take a few moments to check in with my spiritual team.  Well, this very morning, I asked my Higher Self a question about my work ethic.  Basically, I don’t like being forced to get out of bed just because it’s a workday. Even if I get up extremely early, I still don’t Read More

Lights On, Lights Off A Hello From Heaven

Last Friday, I visited a popular grocery store to stock up in anticipation of a weekend of storms. However, on this particular day, it was perfect. ☀ Shaped like a huge warehouse, this relatively new location had never bothered me.  Actually, on that day, it wasn’t the store’s selection but another strange occurrence involving their lighting. Early on, I begin to hear what sounded like continuous power surges. Some areas were bright while others were barely lit. Since the lights never turned off altogether, I Read More

Kindergarten: Beneficial or Dumb Down…?

UPDATE: Since this post, I’ve visited a local elementary school that’s almost perfect, so let’s see how this pans out! 🙂 Last week, my little one and I visited a few local stores to buy items in anticipation of a “cold snap”, which is a nice way of saying “It’s about to snow in the South!” As we were proceeding to check out at a local Bed, Bath & Beyond, an African-American cashier in her late-20s, early-30s gave my son a “He’s a cutie!” compliment Read More

Bored to Death…

UPDATE 11/26/2017: Of course, during the pre-shadow of the Mercury Retrograde, the Universe just had to go and throw ANOTHER technical curve ball. #SoNotFunnyOK 😝 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Interestingly enough, in an attempt to combat boredom, I decided to check out an online streaming video services geared toward the “conscious consumer”. Among their exclusive programming , I immediately found a very disturbing documentary simply entitled BOREDOM (2012). 😩 Initially, I thought: “Well that sounds boring!” Yet I decided to throw caution to the wind and pressed Play. Read More