(Poem) “DO YOU REMEMBER…?” by I AM

I AM everywhere.
I AM in everything.
I AM in everybody.
There is nowhere I AM not because there is nowhere I don’t exist.who-am-i_question
I can’t skip over anyone, anyplace, or anything because of “sin” for I AM there too.
There is no stamp of approval to gain access to me. I AM already here.

No man-made religion can claim me or distinguish the appropriate route to me.
No government or other regulated entity owns me.
There is no 3, 4, or 5-step program to me.
No ABCs either because I AM already apart of you.
Always have been, always will be.
It doesn’t matter if you are aware of my presence or not…
Or if you have deny me altogether, I AM still here.
Once you fully awake and accept this, then you’ll truly be on the right path to knowing who I AM.

Some of you already know me simply as a jealousy God, without fully understanding that I AM pure love…
Yet you continue to throw  that love away, dismiss my presence…
Without a second thought, you so easily exchange me for another.
Actually, I never called you to worship those that I have sent, or to start a religion around them.
That was your idea, not mine.

My hope for you is that you’ll let go of the religiously indoctrinated agendas implanted by your ancestors or still being enforced by a new breed of misguided souls…
For even they still consider me as an outside entity that “sits high and looks low”.
But I expect more from you…

Just look inside yourself and there you will see me – I AM in you.
Stay in that moment until you fully remember who I AM, who you are, who we are….

I AM in you.
I AM your spiritual identity.
Don’t look outside yourself for another!
I AM here within you.

Whether you see him as an allegorical or real, Jesus served as an example among many of what it “looks” like to abide in me.
Yet I never desired that a religion be started around “him”.
Remember my beloveds, you can do greater works then “he” but only through me.
“He” remembered me as I AM, so why can’t you know me as I AM now?

Until you remember, you’ll do and be like so many others who’ve come and gone…
You’ll might find yourself wasting a precious lifetime wondering where I am.
Or you’ll keep endlessly waiting on me, or looking for me out or up there some place.
All the while remaining lost, confused, and blinded to your real purpose in life, to your destiny.
Or worse, you’ll fall for a counterfeit version of Me as embedded into the worldview by many religions.

Please wake up and remember who I AM – who I really am (to you).

I will be so glad when you do because we have a lot of catching up to do.
You and I have much to accomplish in your lifetime – this current incantation….
So let’s not waste another moment.

Remember your purpose, it’s still waiting to be fulfilled.
Remember my beloveds, please remember…

I AM everywhere.
I AM in everything.
I AM in everybody.
I AM in you.