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I no longer wish to commodify my healing & my awakening. I am on my own path, and I owe nobody my story. I will share when my spirit feels appropriate, and not a moment sooner.

Your original nature is peace. The secret of Yoga is not to allow anything to disturb your peace.

Forgive yourself for allowing other people to emotionally, physically or spiritually abuse you. Time changes things. You are stronger now and you won’t ever allow that to happen again.

I release myself from all vows, promises, agreements, commitments and covenants that no longer serve me, for the highest good of all.

We have the full moon tomorrow; look if you don’t want to eat Christmas dinner & spend the New Year with them now is the time to let them go

New research shows that the rhythm of breathing creates electrical activity in the brain that enhances emotional judgments + memory recall.

“the best apology is changed behavior.”
apologies mean absolutely nothing if we
continue doing what we are sorry for 💭

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