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One of the worst parts of the modern consumer, 9-5 lifestyle is always being in a rush.

Traffic, commuting, clocking in, meetings, classes, always on the move.

They keep you far removed from stillness, to keep you far from peace.

Revelation comes with stillness.

Yoga Poses that Drain the Lymphatic System:

-Cobra Pose
-Bow Pose
-Bridge Pose
-Triangle Pose
-Cat Cow Pose
-Camel Pose
-Downward Facing Dog

If you had a caregiver with unhealed trauma(as most did) the list of ways it impacts you as an adult are endless. The nervous system and limbic system are imprinted. And there may be an inability to establish a strong sense of self. This is where reparenting meets reprogramming.

My cousin was diagnosed with stage 3 terminal cancer last week and died this morning. She been sick for a while but couldn’t afford to take off work and go to the doctor to find out why.

This country is...

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