From New Age to Jesus… (Part 1)

Spiritual Speed Bump Ahead…

Before we begin, let me say this! I was raised in the church for the majority of my life. I spent the first 30+ years of my life sitting on a pew, faithfully attending church and paying tithes too. So I’ve sat on the pew AND I’ve been behind the pulpit – teaching and leading. I even hosted a podcast via BlogTalkRadio called Got ISH-OOS? and its still up. I’ve had a seat behind the scenes, in private ministry circles amongst mega-pastors. I’ve even earned a religious degree from a bible college. Yet none of that negates the fact that I choose to turn around from the Church and that I AM A WITCH – if that’s what you wish to call me.

But if you must use a label, at least think of me as Glenda, the Good Witch from The Wizard of Oz. I’m not perfect but when I’m in my zone, I can see through bullshit a mile away (but I may not call you out on it – at least not right away). As a good witch, I don’t use magic half hazardly. That means I don’t try and get back at people by trying to override their free will through spellcasting. My greatest gift has been and will continue to be the power of silence. I see it this way – Unless I am spiritually inclined to do so, I know that your karma will expose you sooner or later, whether its in the lifetime or the next.

So if you’re of a deeply religious mindset, I’m warning you now that this post is not what you think it is. I have no reason to turn back because the Divine Presence that is Jesus – also known as Christ Consciousness. Furthermore, this Divine Presence cannot be “owned” by any particular religion and is open to all.

What in the Alchemy is Going On?

Earlier this year, I started a podcast called The Alchemy of it All via my sister website, For the first five episodes, I focused on current events mainly the “pandemic”. However, the more that I saw the alchemy of that, the madder I got. Why? – Because so many people  – mainly Christians – are wholeheartedly buying into this fiasco. All that fear and worry sends the body into fight or flight mode, causing unnecessary stress and strain. If not dealt with, it could easily lead to sickness, disease, or even worst, death, especially among those already “sick and shut in”.  So for my own sanity, I had to step back for my own podcast.

Now I’ve decided to switch gears for a spell – no pun intended – to prepare to focus on something else and up pops a video pops on my YouTube feed and here I am. So what is the alchemy is going on with this From New Age to Jesus movement, which started about two years back with Doreen Virtue? Since the lockdowns, why are some many tarot readers on YouTube suddenly “finding Jesus” and labeling the same work they once did as evil and demonic? REALLY PEOPLE?!?

During the pandemic, I noticed the tarot community grew eerily quiet. (I actually started my YouTube channel during that time but I haven’t been faithfully in keeping it up as I have other more important obligations to attend to. Besides, I don’t offer personal readings to the general public – never have, never will. I’ll explain in a future post). Nevertheless, within a few months – after the initial smoke cleared, a pattern slowly started to emerge. It was happening on YouTube channels that typically had the following statuses and/or product/service offerings:

  1. Amassed near or over 100k followers – and their channels are often monetized
  2. General tarot reading for the Collective, including separate zodiac signs and/or for specific astrological events
  3. Step-by-step rituals for astrological events like the new, full, and/or blue moons
  4. Paid, personal tarot readings
  5. YouTube membership or a separate Patreon
Dazed, Confused & Rich

In other words, they made a lot of money off the backs of people looking for direction and guidance. A few of them exposed themselves when they claimed to have had COVID-19, which was a dead giveaway. During the lockdowns, their channels went dark. However, upon their return, they started posting videos entitled “From New Age to Jesus” mimicking the actions of Doreen Virtue.

Suddenly, they had “found Jesus” after having “seen demons” and thought that was a sign for them to “turn from their wicked ways”. In doing so, they left their followers “dazed and confused,” while their pockets – like the windows of heaven – were overflowing in wealth and abundance. In doing so, they turn around and suddenly demonized the same thing that they openly practice (and profited from) sometimes for years. Come on people, even Ray Charles can see through this.

Am I judging them? HELL NO! They can do whatever they want to but for those of us who can see through this agenda, we’re using what’s called true SPIRITUAL DISCERNMENT – not passing judgment because we’re bored or jealous. Remember, I know the power of silence but I also know the power of control as I raised by a narcissist guardian and I see the same BS going on right now with this “health crisis”. As a matter of fact, I know Jezebel in the flesh because I was raised by one. Her portals exposed me to the dark side of the demonic, which was why I tried to dig deep into the Christian faith, only to realize a lot of these religious leaders are straight up Jezebels too so I know what I’m talking about. As a matter of fact, below is a podcast I did for my book – and no I’m not finish with it – entitled The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing. Please let listen if you are dazed and confused about what is going on right now and you’re looking for answers.

It’s Time to Study…

In the podcast episode for Writing Ain’t Easy: Writing & [the] Early Christian Church Truths, I share research from multiple sources regarding the three main faction of the early Christian Church: Pauline Christians, jewish Christians – not to be confused with today’s Messianic Jews, and Gnostic Christians. Near the end, I shared some of my newfound beliefs as it relates to shifting from a Pauline (or exoteric) belief system to a Gnostic/Mysticism  (or esoteric). Again, if you are dazed and confused and looking for answers, start with that podcast.

Frankly, I believe in empowering people through knowledge. My heart is to teach you how to know and hear God for yourself, so you won’t be “tossed to and fro” swayed by every wind of doctrine. Amen/Ase’

Until next time…

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