• Amethyst

    AMETHYST is the color that you see in the sky as twilight transitions into night. It takes you on this transition from the magic time of dusk to a conscious shift into a different place, thus enhancing your psychic abilities, imagery and quieting the mind. It also has divine spiritual energy that inspires love, initiates greater wisdom, and emits strong…

  • Beltane

    This Celtic holiday begins celebration on the eve of May 1st. Halfway between the vernal equinox and the summer solstice, it symbolizes the start of summer or the “light half of the year“. This holiday honors the event of procreation and in Celtic lore, celebrates the God and Goddess of fertility.

  • Black Obsidian

    BLACK OBSIDIAN teaches us to find the light in darkness by releasing anything of lesser vibration – see also Obsidian. Purposes & Benefits: Brings higher Chakra light into lower ones Often found in mirrors and crystal balls Brings about objectivity, dis-attachment and is grounding Reduces fantasy and escapism Warm and friendly stone Used at the Root Chakra Other Variations: Apache…

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