Earth Star Chakra (10th)


Located 6-12″ inches below the feet comes the EARTH STAR CHAKRA and serves as the first trans-personal chakra below the feet that secures our AURA from the outside world by releasing energetic waste from both the chakric and auric system into the ground for transmutation. Aligned to the magnetic core of the Earth (Mother Gaia), this chakra connects first to the foot chakras and upward to the ROOT CHAKRA, keeping us grounded and protected. It furthermore provides access to nature spirits and elemental beings.

Its energetic cord grounds and anchors our spirit (lightbody) to the physical realm (Earth). It also believed to hold any and all skills/abilities learned across previous soul’s incarnations (lifetimes). Distinct from but works in coordination with the ROOT CHAKRA, thus allowing one to feel grounded and centered in life. When clear and balanced, via the EARTH STAR CHAKRA one can see the bigger picture and work toward a great cause, have peace of mind, feel secure, and fully able to fulfill one’s life purpose. But when out of balance, it could create a lost of balance (vertigo), eating disorders, physical problems in the lower extremities – legs, hips, feet, pelvic region, knees, and ankles, along with circulation problems.

In a Nutshell:
  • Serves as the portal through which the Earth’s ascension process is “poured out” upon the collective.
    • In other words, those who are asleep will be forced to evolve; whereas, those who are awake may experience temporary states of ungroundedness as he/she adjusts to the newer modes / higher frequencies.
  • This chakra is greater for clearing from oneself any and all unused, unnecessary, or excessive energies from one’s self or from energies picked up from others.
    • This is especially useful for those careers like spiritual healers, psychic-mediums, empaths, lightworkers, etc., where they come in constant contact with those of lower vibrations and thus need to clear and discharge said energies.
How to Work with this Chakra:
  • Live organically and chemically-free as possible.