(8th) Soul Star Chakra

Located at the top of the head, about 6-12 inches above the crown chakra is the eighth chakra known as the SOUL STAR CHAKRA. Associated with the origin of enlightenment and with the ascension principles, this chakra is also referred to as the Seat of the Soul. It is the first transpersonal chakra located on the fourth dimension. It is useful for developing one’s psychic gifts and connecting with one’s spiritual guides, angelic beings, Ascended Masters, and the like. It is often paired with the Read More

(9th) Earth (Star) Chakra

Serving as our ninth chakra and located 12-18 inches below the feet is the EARTH CHAKRA. Following the Soul Star Chakra, the Earth Star Chakra (or Super Root) is the second transpersonal (or subpersonal) chakra in the fourth dimension. Aligning to the magnetic core of the Earth (Mother Gaia), this chakra connects to the foot chakras and keeps us grounded and protected. It also secures our auras from the outside world. Furthermore, it provides access to nature spirits and elemental beings. Its energetic grounding cord Read More