Shiva Lingam

SHIVA LINGAM is a fertility stone that unites the dualistic female/male world into harmonious balance. The stone gives us the capacity for hanging on to the beliefs which work the best for us and letting go of those beliefs which no longer serve us. When used during meditation, lingham shows us how to connect with our physical and spiritual energies and therefore, our higher selves. Lingham is the sacred Sanskrit word for phallus. In Tantra, the shape embodies the masculine energy; dynamic expression and knowledge. The markings or Yoni depicts female energy; wisdom and intuition.

Purpose & Benefits:

  • Relates to the Heart Chakra, represents harmony and balance of the soul that is maintained with the hearts of all of us
  • Used for spiritual detox, allowing us to see the higher knowledge within ourselves
  • Used traditionally for births and conception assistance
  • Helpful to those who have Sacral Chakra related illnesses due to (emotionally) uncommon rearing and lack of nurturing as infant/child
  • Used on the spine, especially the sacrum for fertility issues, anywhere on the back for pain issues, prostate issues and menopause