Intuitive Readings (Add-on)

"You must train your intuition - you must trust the small voice inside you which tells you exactly what to say, what to decide."
~ Ingrid Bergman

Oftentimes, people seek out INTUITIVE READINGS because they need a second opinion or a divine confirmation regarding a matter. Seeking an intuitive reading from an experienced reader is a partnership in which everyone connects with the Universe to ask questions and seek validation regarding something that you likely already know or already have a deep sense of knowing about. You see - we all experience gut feelings about certain matters in and throughout our lives. Some of us have learned to trust that inner knowing, while others may have grown quite cautious (doubtful) or callous of listening to Spirit altogether.

For those of us who are open to Spirit, we utilize our intuition through a process that involves bridging the gap between the conscious and unconscious parts of our mind and of our Higher Selves. When one is in tune with the Universe, he/she is also in tune with themselves. They are better able to listen to the needs of their physical bodies in the form of rest, prayer/meditation, or change in diet/lifestyle. Furthermore, they are more aware of how their energy is affected by those around them, especially in knowing when its time to detach from a negative person, place, or situation, or when they need to go within for additional clarity and direction regarding current or pending situations.  Thus it is among such a group of conscious beings that intuitive readings are most beneficial.


How Does an Intuitive (Card) Reading Work?

Regardless if an intuitive reading is being done in person, via email, or as a live virtual or pre-recorded session, once your order has been received and properly processed, Dr. Jaketha will prepare and deliver your reading typically within 24 to 48 hours. When she sits down to do your reading, she will start with a prayer/invocation to her spiritual team, along with, asking for the presence and assistance of your (the client's) spiritual team too.  (A spiritual team consists of one's guardian angels, spiritual guides, angels, archangels, deceased ancestors, etc.).

If its a live, face-to-face reading, Dr. Jaketha will ask you a few questions or if a remote/distant reading, she will review any notes or comments added during the ordering process. She does this to extract the reason/need you are seeking a reading at this time, along with finding out what you're hoping to gain or learn. She will then shuffle the cards impart your desired intention and/or question into them. As the deck is parted - usually into three piles, she may then pick one card from the top of each deck to make up the best card layout for your reading. Announcing each card as its pulled (or sometimes she pulls in silence and explains later). she then will sit with each card to extract its meaning/purpose. If the reading is in person, then she may ask exploratory questions (or make comments) throughout this process to clarify any messages coming through from the spirit realm. Prior to ending the session, Dr. Jaketha will summarize the overall message and then close out the reading by thanking and releasing all spiritual teams. 🙏🌌

Pre-recorded video sessions are sent via email along with a short written summary of your reading. In the case of videos that are too large, a video link will be sent. Please note that after 30 days, your video link may be permanently deleted without advance notice and without backups.

What Decks Do You Use?

The type of reading will usually determine the oracle or tarot card decks used. Ideally, the Past Life Oracle Deck by Doreen Virtue, would be better suited for readings centered around discovering one's past lives/ reincarnation, whereas her Life Purpose Oracle Deck, is better for learning about one's unique destiny/purpose in life. With that said, Dr. Jaketha has invested in over 15 different decks and her collection continues to grow.

Her current decks include but are not limited to the Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck,  Angel Tarot Card, Egyptian Tarot Deck, along with Postcards from Spirit Oracle Deck, the Energy Oracle Cards, the Lightworker Oracle, the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards, and several Crystal Oracle Decks. As lead by Spirit, Dr. Jaketha may incorporate oracle cards into tarot readings for additional clarification.


Do the Cards Lie? What if I Don't Agree with the Reading? 😤

Yes, you and your reader may not mesh but oftentimes, your disagreement with the cards or the reader may be linked to a deeper issue.  Instead of asking if the cards are lying or dismissing the reader, look within and ask yourself if you are in denial (closed-minded) regarding what was shared maybe because it's not what you wanted to hear.

Also, ask yourself if your motives were entirely pure prior to pursuing a reading.  This is important especially if an intuitive reading is being used to override the free will of another. Since we all have free will, we are free to make decisions for our lives as we see fit. Therefore, one doesn't need a reading to tell them that. Despite any surface-level confusion, deep down, we already know what it is we do or don't want to do regarding a particular situation or matter.

The cards are energetic tools that reveal what is possible or pertinent for that particular moment in time. In the time before, during or after the reading, contradicting decisions can be made by any party to change the outcome. Again, we all have free will. At the end of the day, the route one chooses is based on their own free will - or at least it should be. The way that you will lie within you - not with the cards or the reader.  IT'S YOUR CHOICE! Besides, this is where YOUR own intuition kicks in.  Now ask yourself: Am I disagreeing with the reading because I want my own will to be done or am I agreeing with reading (even if I don't like it) because I know deep down this is what Spirit, what the Universe, what my spiritual team, believes is in my best interest, for my Highest Good. 🗣🙏🌌


Do You Have Any Sample Readings?

Periodically, intuitive readings are posted here and perhaps on one or more of our various social media channels but are primarily posted on The Divinely Preserved Healer's YouTube channel.

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