Lessons from 2017…

While driving to work one morning, I had to come to a stop instead of yielding at a particular intersection. Actually, I needed to merge into that lane, which would take all of us to the interstate (I-20). This particular morning instead of trying to speed up and get ahead of the upcoming traffic, I decided to yield.  Looking out of the driver’s side window waiting for my turn,  I caught a glance of an old pickup gunning toward me. It was evident the driver had no intention of stopping and was oblivious to the oncoming traffic. There was not enough time for me to hit the accelerator without causing a pileup. So I braced myself for impact, then I briefly heard his tires screech. I look up to see him turning to the left at the last minute. At this point, it appears as if he’s about to run into the two vehicles coming up alongside me, but instead something miraculous happened.

He turned his wheels (as if to go around me) while at the same time hitting his brakes. Instead of skidding, his truck came to an immediate stop. It was like he had literally hit an invisible safety net that prevented him from running into any of us. This is one lesson from 2017 that our angels (and ancestors) are always near. 😇 Actually, it was this year, that I started to make contact with my ancestors by setting up an altar initially in honor of my mom. As indicated in previous posts shared here, I’ve seen strange number sequences on clocks/watches/phones, billboards, vehicle tags, telephone numbers – you name it. I’ve even come in contact with feathers. I’ve also received all kinds of messages from total strangers of both the human and insect kind of to a hurricane in the name of a deceased relative. Number-wise, in these last few weeks, the signs and synchronicities have returned with a vengeance as my ancestors are persisting that I walk out my divine mission and purpose. Soon, I’ll share in greater details the “spiritually-based practice, career, and profession” coming to my area/region in 2018 but until then, let’s continue…

“Synchronicity links your outer and inner worlds in ways that suggest that there is a hidden force or order in the Universe. Some things are just meant to happen.” (Source)

Now my greatest hindrance from last year involved my job. Although I reached a milestone in my current career path, having completed 20 consecutive years within the same industry, the technological issues this year push my knowledge and skills to the limit. In the past two decades, I have NEVER gained more experience in repairing and restoring network equipment and related services. From our industrial-grade Internet being disconnected for at least seven months due to billing and contract negligence, only to be replaced with a “home grade high-speed Internet”. Did I mention I worked for a public-facing organization? Such actions reached the heights on a grand-scale level of embarrassment. Unfortunately, the “band-aids” implemented ’til we could get back on our feet, made our network infrastructure vulnerable. We would later discover how deep the rabbit hole went when we began dealing with outside attacks, contaminated links, and corrupted files, which damaged not one but two major servers. Welcome to the world of R A N S O M W A  R E!!! 😷

Needless to say, I wouldn’t wish such on my worst enemy. Yet this experience challenged me enough to consider returning to school to study cybersecurity. Will I do that? Well, that remains to be seen. But all that back-to-back defeat was for my highest good because I took notice of areas that needed reinforcements. Yet it also caused me to realize that technology is great but not perfect. In this technology-driven world in which we live, a five-minute power outage could send everyone into a panic. So whatever happened to the simpler things in life? Why not aim to regularly step away from “all things tech” and spend time with family and friends?!? Or better yet, spend some time outdoors, in nature. Hug a tree, greet a butterfly, smell a rose, anything that involves putting down that “smart”-phone for a minute and enjoying the world in which we all live. Who knows?  Nature could be the source in which you find the greatest sense of peace and purpose (in and from life).

My last reminder centers around being a life-long learner. Last year (2016), I studied Reiki and this year (2017), I continued my energy healing studies by pursuing training in Pranic Healing. Utilizing a connection with one’s ancestors and tapping into the life force energy such as these makes it easy for anyone to help themselves (and others). You can even use these modalities to heal your “past” and explore/extend your “future”.  Speaking of the “past”, I’ve spent the past 17 years – since the death of my mom – attempting to write The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing.

Now as a life path 5 [or a Throat Chakra Healer] and a Moon Child – I was born at night, I realized that one of the major reasons that writing has been such a challenge for me is because many of my past-life spiritual gifts have been held hostage until I can fully explore my own childhood hurts from this lifetime. In case you didn’t know, “5 lifepath’s often incarnate with baggage around ‘being heard’, [and] are learning to find balance, between speaking and listening (especially listening to themselves and to others.” (Source). Another site states that “Life path number 5 is the Spirit of Change and Adventure” (Source) and “those who walk a Life Path with Number 5 have an uncanny ability to understand the deepest esoteric and metaphysical teachings. 5 turns the mystical into the norm. Its energy is that of Experience.” (Source) Furthermore, my childhood wounds run deep as is best explained by the Moon Child oracle card: “Your spirit tends to sleep when it is shutting out painful childhood experiences that arise in day-to-day interactions…” (Source) That card also focuses on:

Your abundance of light in the dark leads us to the changes we seek in our lives. In particular, you are keenly aware of the wounding of our childhood and how it  reflects in how we think and feel as adults….You, Moon Child, understand how wounds shape our spiritual paths. You help us remove blame by pointing us back to our hearts and to the original experience of suffering, including the legacy of suffering from those who came before us.”

Needless to say, I am certain that The House of Jezebel will be ready for purchase in 2018 – the cards are aligned. 😂 Nevertheless, I am thankful for the struggle to face and let go of past hurts and memories from my childhood and beyond. Through energy healing and self-reflection, I let go of the fear and worry of being ridiculed or coming off as crazy. Looking forward, I release all fears, doubts, worries anxieties, limiting beliefs/concerns associated with repeating the past in the future. I acknowledge that that part of my life is over. I am a different person…I rise above. I soar above. I know the way that I should go. The “enemy” [low-vibrational entities] have nothing on me. I know [within my heart of hearts] everything to remain [above] their grips of understanding.” (Personal Journal Entry, 12/8/2017).

As a recap, the past 12 months has reminded me of the following:

  1. Our angels and ancestors are always near. If for our highest good, they will do all they can protect us from hurt, harm, and danger, seen and unseen, known and unknown. Therefore, I am thankful for the guidance, direction, and protection from them.
  2. Technology is great but not perfect. When it fails, have a backup plan in place or be ready to start anew. Therefore, I am thankful for the technological challenges and how experiencing such as redirected my (career) focus.
  3. You are never too old to learn something new (especially about yourself). When you do, harness that newfound inner-standing toward a positive contribution to those around you. Therefore, I am an intuitive energy healer and I am thankful for finally embracing my lightworker duties – for the highest good and greatest benefit of all. 💜 <drj> 💜

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