Life’s Puzzle Pieces

Years ago, I have the weirdest two-part dream about a jigsaw puzzle.

In the first part of the dream, I was placed in an all-white room. From the walls to the floors, EVERYTHING in that room was of a pure white nature. As I stood there motionless wondering where I was and why I was there, I felt something near my thighs. It was a rectangular table with sterling silver edges that glistened in the midst of so much “purity”.

Within a few seconds, three or four huge puzzle pieces – about the size of an adult hand – materialized on the tabletop. They too were white in color with silver edges. As I stood there staring and totally confused, I wondered what I was suppose to do since the pieces were all white. I figured there had to be more [pieces] somewhere. But in an all-white room, I wasn’t about to stumble around to find them. Nevertheless to say, as I was about to pick up a piece to examine it, the dream abruptly came to an end. REALLY GOD, REALLY?!?

I Think I Hate Jigsaw Puzzles

Such a “simple” dream shouldn’t have bothered me but it did. Until that dream, I didn’t realize that I held some type of deep-rooted aversion toward “all things white” or to jigsaw puzzles in general. For several days, I feared going back to sleep because I didn’t want to be “back there”. But – I concluded – if I was given the chance to return, I’d immediately direct my attention to the individual pieces. I reasoned that by scanning the edges I might be able to get a feel for their shapes to see if they connected somehow. Furthermore, I wouldn’t focus on not having the actual box top – it probably would’ve been all white any way – or waste time searching for the missing pieces. I would focus on what was in front of me.

Two weeks past and I found myself back there in “that” room. Instead of allowing my discouragement to overtake me, I quickly remembered my earlier decision. As I was adjusting my eyes, I suddenly sensed that someone else was present. Actually, that someone was standing directly behind me but I wasn’t about to turn around. The next thing I know, a pair of arms covered by a long-sleeve robe – pure white in color – encompassed me. The arms started rapidly adding and subtracting pieces to the point I almost became dizzy. Within no time, the puzzle was solved and I thought: “Well great! Now I get a chance to see what it looks like.” But as I tried to zoom in to see the finished result, the dream ended again. I never had that dream again and that was somewhere between 10-15 years ago.

Fast forward to today, I was reminded of that dream because it just so happen that the last ten years – but especially this year (2017) alone – has officially pushed me into a crossroads regarding the “next direction” of my life. Not to mention that I have a friend who retired a little over three years ago and one of her immediate hobbies turned out to be – you guess it! –  jigsaw puzzles. Initially whenever I visit her house, I would intentionally avoid her “puzzle station” area. Personally, I felt like putting together a jigsaw puzzle was a complete waste of time. I mean really – Why waste time putting it together only to turn around and tear it apart once you’re done. Even now, she continues to spend countless hours, days and sometimes weeks – “building up and tearing apart” – 500 and 1000-piece puzzles – one right after another.

At one point, she ran out of space in her office and moved her “workstation” to her dining room table. So whenever I was over for dinner, she’d jokingly say: “You know you could find a few puzzle pieces while you’re sitting there.” Then one day, I took a chance. I found a missing piece in one corner, then I found another, then another. I continued to join in and any puzzles that I worked on and was present when it was done, I’d take a picture in memory of my contribution. Now I won’t go so far as to say that I’ve became “hooked on them” but at least I’m not “afraid” of them anymore. That’s until I stop by her house today and she had just been gifted 13 of them – one of which had 2000 pieces. OH LAWD NOOOOOOO!!!

Putting the Pieces All Together

Now it takes discernment to correctly “solve” the meaning of one’s dreams. However, the following meanings resonated with me regarding the color white and for the meaning of the jigsaw pieces – both individually and collectively. According to, white physically affects us because it…

  • Aids in mental clarity
  • Encourages us to clear clutter or obstacles
  • Evokes purification of thoughts or actions
  • Enables fresh beginnings

According to one dream dictionary site, jigsaw puzzles likely have the following meanings:

Envisioning a jigsaw puzzle in your dreams may reflect a difficult challenge that is taking a toll on you mentally and physically. Jigsaw puzzle often require great effort and a dedicated mindset to complete. To dream that you are missing pieces of the puzzle may symbolize that there are certain things that you are overlooking and not putting enough concentration into finding the pieces to complete the puzzle. A jigsaw puzzle in your dream may indicate that you are confused and not in a clear and organized state of mind.

Continuing to process the meaning of it all, earlier today I went out for ice cream. For some reason, I felt the need to look up the angel number for the total for my Sonic Oreo Blast, which was $5.05.

Angel Number 505 brings a powerful message about important and necessary life changes. With the strong influence of both the 5 and 0 vibrations, Angel Number 505 tells us of breaking free from old constraints and restraints, new directions, taking chances, expanding your horizons, and seeking new experiences.

It goes on to say that “it is a time to let go of the ‘old’ that is no longer positively serving you and get ready for big changes to take place in your life. Maintain a positive attitude about the ‘new’ entering your life and keep an open mind as to the opportunities presenting to you.

It concludes with “step forth with confidence and enthusiasm and live your personal truths and values, knowing that the angels fully support and encourage the auspicious changes and life choices you are making. Be true to who you really are. Your angels are calling you to fully open your heart, to speak and act with kindness and love, and to honour your heightened sensitivity. Your increasing sensitivity is steering you toward making healthy changes in your lifestyle, your career path and choices, your home, and your relationships” (emphasis added).

In other words, Spirit is calling myself – many of you – to stop worrying and fretting, think it through it, and listen to your Higher Self because right around the corner, from that next “highest good” decision, you could “easily” land into a life of balance, purpose and abundance.

In other words, PROBLEM SOLVED!

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