Lights On, Lights Off

Last Friday, I visited a popular grocery store to stock up in anticipation of a weekend of storms. However, on this particular day, it was perfect. ☀

Shaped like a huge warehouse, this relatively new location had never bothered me.  Actually, on that day, it wasn’t the store’s selection but another strange occurrence involving their lighting. Early on, I begin to hear what sounded like continuous power surges. Some areas were bright while others were barely lit. Since the lights never turned off altogether, I continued to shop even though I wasn’t entirely sure what was going on. At one point, via my peripheral vision, I could tell that some overhead lights were going off and back on and appeared to be affecting the entire store. But it felt so weird because it was almost as if this “outage” was following me around the store. 😱

After about the third or fourth time of hearing these surges but not actually seeing the lights go out, I’d stop and briefly glance upward then around to see if anyone else noticed this besides myself. But everyone continues to shop – it was business as usual. As I rounded the end of a row near the back of the store by the frozen produce section, I finally caught an actual glance of three lights in action. Two blinked off and back on in unison, while the other one switched off and stayed off.  All I could imagine was a mischievous kid standing before the electrical panel, frantically laughing as he flipped the switch – on, off, on, off.  By this time, I was getting nervous especially since no one else seemed to be bothered by all of this. 🤔 The last thing I wanted was a total blackout to occur forcing me to leave behind my groceries behind. 😡

A few hours later, I visited a local metaphysical shop in a neighboring city. My intention was to stop and buy a raw [itg-glossary glossary-id=”120″]Chariote[/itg-glossary] nugget to carry around with me – at least for the month of March.  But as usual, I saw a few other things – like a [itg-glossary glossary-id=”2543″]Dalmatian[/itg-glossary] (Jasper) tumble stone – my stone from February – along with a raw [itg-glossary glossary-id=”260″]Rainbow Moonstone[/itg-glossary] plus a traditional Indian medicine book and a traditional Chinese medicine one too. Since I had already made up my mind that I needed to be out of there before 5 PM, guess what happened as the time drew near? Yep, you’re right. There was a power surge. Some of the lights over the cash register blinked off and back on. For a moment, I held my breath in anticipation of a full power outage but nothing happened.  Once again, I glanced around to see if anyone else notice it. Unlike at the grocery store, the cashier returned my gaze and simply shrugged her shoulders as if to say: “Hum, not sure what that’s about.” So I let her know that this was the second store that I had visited today with the same power-related issue. She replied: “Oh wow! Now that’s some crazy energy….” Since I was next in line, I went ahead and paid for my items and left. For the remainder of the day, everything was fine.

It didn’t occur to me until the following day while at home not feeling well that those power surges were NO ACCIDENT. I immediately sensed there was a spiritual connection and as I felt led to look its meaning. As I was about to do so, Spirit gently remained me of another electronic disturbance that I’ve been experiencing for the past six years.

Back in early 2012, I moved into my current home. Although I have had some strange occurrences overall, one involves electricity. Actually, its an external problem with the power company that causes partial or full brownouts not only at my house but a few other houses on the same block.  Basically, the transformer located on a pole in the next door neighbor’s backyard seems to go out every 12 to 18 months. It’s common for transformers to blow as a result of a storm or some other act of God but that’s not the case with this one. Instead, it seems to always FAIL SLOWLY. It’s like its losing or leaking energy like a slow leak in a tire. I’ve even been told by an electrical technician that this is highly uncommon fora transformer – in the same location – to experience an increased need for replacement. 😕

It has happened so many times that I now know the tail-tail brownout signs. However, the problem stems from getting the power company to believe me. 😩 Initially, they would argue with me saying something like: “Well according to our system….”  I shouldn’t be having any issues or they would say “Well maybe the problem is with your house only…”

Even with my neighbors – just like the people in the grocery store, sometimes none of them even bothered to report it. I know this for a fact because one time after pestered the power company to come out, a technician understood my pain.  Upon her arrival, she checked my meter and found nothing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING WRONG with it. 💩 Not giving up she decided to go next door and guess what?!?  The problem was AGAIN with the transformer!!! Since no one else had bothered to call it in, she was baffled as to why my house was the only one experiencing any problems. She took it upon herself to go door to door and sure enough EVERYONE connected to that transformer was experiencing problems. I – on the other hand – couldn’t help but notice since one side of my house acted as if it’s on a single dimmer switch set to the lowest possible setting. Now the other side of my home, which includes the living room, dining room, kitchen (minus the refrigerator), was perfectly fine.

The most recent event happened last month during an ice storm when temperatures reached and stayed in the lower 20s for several days which is highly uncommon for the Deep South. At around 3 AM, the power company temporarily shut off the power. 📴 About 15 minutes later, everything came back up but the furnace did not so I reached over to turn on the lamp, so I could go check it out. Pressing the power lever yielded nothing. After a short pause, the lamp came on but flickered then went dim. I’m like: “Oh great! It’s freezing and this is happening.” Since the side of my house where my bedroom was located was the side affected by brownouts, I decided I would get up and check out the rest of the house. But as I flipped the switch to turn on the chandelier in the dining room, it too paused, flickered, then went dim.

Within another 20 minutes or so, there was another blackout. I thought okay so they are aware of the brownout and they are going to fix it. But within a few minutes, I realized I was wrong. They had only partially restored our electricity. Now my whole house was experiencing a brownout and it was getting cold fast. Later the same day, I had to keep checking on the status of my service ticket with the power company since they were convinced that all “outages” in my area had been long repaired. NOPE! NOT!

Back to my original story – For nearly two weeks before the incident in the grocery store, I had been under the weather. Feeling as if I was leaking energy. Actually, I got sick the day before what would have been my mother’s 61st birthday. it started off as minor congestion almost like hay fever but soon turned into a sinus infection. At some point between that day and up to my visit to the grocery store, I had called out to my mother for help. I didn’t feel good and I wanted to know if she was near and could help me. Since I didn’t get an immediate response – within a day or so, I had forgotten about it. That’s until I was lying in bed the next day after my store visits and I heard Spirit tell me to explore the spiritual meaning of flickering lights. 💡

Lo and behind, multiple sources reported that flickering lights are likely loved ones that have passed away and they are trying to get your attention. According to Padre of the Blog of the Angels:

This is the most common type of sign from a spirit. When you see a light flickering, you might just think the bulb needs to be changed or there is some electrical problem. But, in reality, it is a spirit sign; something you never thought a flickering light could mean. But, for you to connect back, you need to know that a spirit is present who wants to contact you. Unless you know the flickering light spiritual meaning, you would not have known if a spirit is trying to communicate, or not. 💡

As pure energy, advanced spirits can easily utilize electricity to “send a message”. Many sources also suggested that if you are unsure of who it is trying to reach out to you, to simply ask: “Who is this?” and expect a face or name to come into your mind. Aside from spiritual communication, an article on Intuitive Journal associates flickering lights with someone that is “highly sensitive to the energy around them,” as a trait (or an indication of one that is gifted as a spiritual healer).

So take note – the next time you experience flickering lights, there might be someone “on the other side” trying to say Hello. 👋 (Plus you might need to call the power company too. 😂)

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