Paying Homage to Maternal Ancestors

~A Mother’s Day 2017 Exclusive ~

This morning when I woke up the last thing on my mind was whether or not I’d receive a special gift for Mother’s Day. Instead, I had a burning desire to give to my own mother. Actually I woke up realizing that although my mother had passed away almost 20 years ago, even in her earthly life I couldn’t recall ever having purchased her a true Mother’s Day gift aside for the “infamous and impersonal” Mother’s Day card. Well this morning, I was going to honor her memory as both my biological mother (during her earthly lifetime) and now as an ancestral guide (in the spirit realm).1

What should I get her?

A Hawaiian Ti plant and a new sacred space that I created in my home in honor of my ancestors, especially my mother. From this plane to yours: Happy Mother’s Day, Momma!

Instead of the traditional gift of fresh cut flowers, which would die in a day or two anyway, I wanted something special. I wanted something that reflected her life, something that was also alive not just in spirit. I wanted something that would capture her lively personality. So hum, what should I get her?What about a something that reflects nature? What about a beautiful indoor plant for my Aquarius Sun Mother/Queen (♒)?!? I loved it and I know she would too!!! With my gift idea in mind, my four-year-old and I headed to Lowe’s.

After having searched the store both inside and outside, we settled on a Hawaiian Ti (pronounced “tea”) plant (). I think its safe to assume that since it was the only one left in the store definitely indicated this one was hers. Little did I know until I made it home and began researching did that I unmasked its rich symbolic meaning.

The Hawaiian Ti plant (or Cordyline terminalis) is “an evergreen flowering plant in the Asparagus family.” “Some ti plants have solid green leaves, but the most popular house plants include varieties with red, pink, cream, orange, or copper variegation.”3 Although not native to Hawaii, it was introduced there by Polynesian settlers and is considered a ‘good luck plant’. (Some sources have erroneously labeled the red Ti in particular as bad luck.)

Overall, [bctt tweet=”the Hawaiian Ti plant has a rich heritage and it is a symbol ‘of protection from harm of any kind'”  username=”drjaketha”]…especially true when its has been woven into a necklace. It may be used to symbolize luck in love, marriage or in a project.”4 Its also used for medicinal purposes (herbal medicine) and in culinary dish preparations as well as worn as clothing and used in religious ceremonies.

What’s My Ancestral Message?

In addition to the symbols above, I remembered it was priced at $12.98. Looking to the angel numbers for additional meaning….

Angel number 1298 tells you that the examples you are setting by living your truths is encouraging and teaching others to follow suit, and your angels want you to keep up your great lightwork…

…that your faith, optimism, positive affirmations, and the lightwork you have been doing have all ensued that your path will always be blessed with abundance….

The angels encourage you to shed old parts of your life that no longer suit who you are. [As] you are now living a more authentic life being true to yourself and your angels applaud your choices and decisions.”5

Ways You Can Pay Homage To Your (Maternal) Ancestors

  • Meditate or say a prayer for your deceased loved one(s).
  • Set up a sacred place or ancestral altar in your home for frequent meditation and/or prayer.
  • Light a candle in their honor.
  • Journal your happiness familial memories or write a memoir.
  • Burn ancestral money.
  • Buy a plant or plant a tree.
  • Write a poem or a song.
  • Create a memorial video, scrapbook or photo album.
  • Fulfill your divine destiny in honor of your ancestors, your Higher Self, as well as an example for future legacies.


1Hebrew 12:1

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