My 2017 Aims & Intentions…

~ Using Affirmations to Set My Compass for an Abundant New Year ~

I won’t say this post is to satisfy any 2017 New Year’s Resolutions but its more so to help me gain clarity and focus. By examining my current life/career directions along with extracting/solidifying existing goals, I am working to ensure that I’m on the right path for producing my highest aspirations, for manifesting a more abundant life far better then in previous years.

Although we are already into the first day of the New Year, if you haven’t done already done, I encourage you too to follow suit and compare your life against these nine areas: socially, professionally, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, financially, materially, physically, and pleasure for planning a New Year that’s better than you could have ever imagined or hope for. Once completed, feel free to share your aims and intentions in the comment field below.

Here’s are some examples – not in any particular order – from my journal and vision board. I have written them as affirmations – not simply goals – since I’m not “hoping and wishing” for anything this year, but I am interested in manifesting my heart’s desire.

  1. I am open to being free in my mind, body, soul, and spirit. I am open to an ongoing connection with God (Source) for making all things new in my life. (SPIRITUALLY)
  2. I am patient, confident, focused and disciplined as I study and gain experience in my desired career (or life) path. (PROFESSIONALLY)
  3. I am open to abundance, wealth, and prosperity in all areas and aspects of my life. (PHYSICALLY / FINANCIALLY / SPIRITUALLY / MATERIALLY)
  4. I manifest out of wisdom. I create out of wisdom. I am wisdom in the flesh. (EMOTIONALLY / MENTALLY / SPIRITUALLY)
  5. I maintain the highest vibration / consciousness / evolution every day of my life in perfect alignment with God (Source). (SPIRITUALLY)
  6. I am financially free. I am financially wealthy. I am a millionaire/billionaire many times over. I am open to overflowing in continuous abundance… (FINANCIALLY / MATERIALLY)
  7. I am a holistic {or insert your area} entrepreneur with an overflow of abundance in resources, times, ability, knowledge, and wisdom, as I serve mankind. (SOCIALLY / PROFESSIONALLY)
  8. I am fully comfortable with not having or needing to “work” a traditional 9 to 5 “job”; therefore, I transform all aspects of myself that is comfortable with “just being an employee.” (PROFESSIONALLY)
  9. I gain pleasure in helping others as an inspired philanthropist. (PLEASURE)
  10. I am healed from all childhood trauma, beliefs, and related “matrix”-like programming that has kept me bound and I am now open to sharing my personal testimony of spiritually awakening through my forthcoming book: The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing.

So goodbye 2016! With you, I leave behind fears, worries, anxiety and any other negative emotions and related programming that’s no longer in alignment with the purest emotion of LOVE (). I let go of past relationships, associates, connections and anything (or anyone) that’s emotionally and mentally draining. I stand in my power and I say, to you instead: [bctt tweet=”Hello 2017! In you, I enter in with a miracle-ready mindset…so let the manifestations begin!” username=”drjaketha”]