Bored to Death…

UPDATE 11/26/2017: Of course, during the pre-shadow of the Mercury Retrograde, the Universe just had to go and throw ANOTHER a technical curve ball. #NotFunnyOK 😝 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Interestingly enough, in an attempt to combat boredom, I decided to check out an online streaming video services geared toward the “conscious consumer”. Among their exclusive programming , I immediately found a very disturbing documentary simply entitled BOREDOM (2012). 😩 Initially, I thought: “Well that sounds boring!” Yet I decided to throw caution to the wind and pressed Read More


Spiritual Identity Crisis

Two years ago this very past weekend, I had a rather elaborate dream in which an unknown Source “BEstowed” me with several sets of keys. At least two sets were for custom vehicles that had “double ignitions,” whereas, the others included a (modern) house key alongside an ancient iron vintage skeleton key. Collectively, they seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Yet having found them under such mysterious conditions, I knew they were of great significance. Without wasting any time contemplating their meaning, I knew Read More


A Life Purpose SMS

Emotionally speaking, 2017 has been quite tiring. From late January to early October, I found myself trying to reestablish a *MAJOR* service on my job that was “disconnected” for reasons that collectively reminded me of a cross-over between the Twilight Zone and Office Space (1999). ? For nearly nine months, I encountered roadblocks, setbacks, detours and dead ends, all in an effort to “get things back to normal”.  I did more than my share of “Other Duties As Assigned” without the need for being micromanaged.  Yet Read More


A Feather from Heaven

WHAT’S UP WITH ALL THE FEATHERS LATELY? Its been said that when feathers appear along your path that angels are near. Well in the past several weeks, I’ve come across several feathers that have left me baffled in determining both their color and meaning. In direct natural light, these various feathers appear smokey gray with white blended streaks, whereas indoors, they appeared more of a dark sandy brown color with the same white streaks. Today, I came across yet another one as I was walking Read More