“She had to die…”

Jaketha’s Mom | 1957-2000

As if a voice came out of nowhere, I heard Spirit say, “She had to die so you could live.” That was 16 years ago since I heard those words and they still send chills through my body more so now then back then. The “she” being referenced was my mother who lost her battle to (Stage 4) breast cancer.

In recent weeks, I’ve felt led to put together the natal (birth) charts for deceased family members discussed in my forthcoming book – The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing. Starting with my mother’s birth chart, I was alarmed at the “coincidences” I found especially since we possess the power to heal ourselves despite the fact that “illness and disease are preordained.”1

What I already knew:

My mom was born on Feb. 8, 1957 under the sun sign of Aquarius (♒) and the moon in Cancer (♋).

Although erroneously linked to skin, the zodiac symbol of Cancer is actually associated with the chest area, which consists of the breasts and the stomach. Those with their Sun (☼) in Aquarius and Moon (?) in Cancer “tend to hold in pain and frustrations [itg-tooltip tooltip-content=”<p><strong>ad infinitum:</strong> <span id=&aquot;yui_3_10_0_1_1482253436817_186&aquot; class=&aquot; d-b cl-b ml-25&aquot;>again and again in the same way; forever <br /></span></p><br/><p><span class=&aquot; d-b cl-b ml-25&aquot;>(Source: <em>Oxford Dictionaries</em>)</span></p>”]ad infinitum[/itg-tooltip]….” [Furthermore] a great deal, obviously rests on [their] early home situation and whether it was secure and emotionally encouraging and helped to developed a positive self-image.”2

In other words, those with Moon in Cancer are people who are highly emotional and very sensitive to the moods and/or needs of those around them. In addition, the Zodiac Cancer also symbolizes nourishment and motherhood and their tight reign on the past and past events, evident by the Sun in her 4th House.

Other similarities:

  • Mars (♂) in the 6th House = Irritation as it relates to one’s inability to solve their life’s problems
  • Gemini (♊) in the 8th House = Lungs
  • Neptune (♆) in 12th House = One prone to unusual fears and anxieties (hypochondria)

The nearest [itg-tooltip tooltip-content=”<p><strong>chakra:</strong> <span class=&aquot;quick-answer-content&aquot;>Sanskrit for &aquot;spinning wheel,&aquot; refers to a series of energy points that fall on specific parts of the human body. There are seven total chakras, and these areas serve as convergence points for energy. So-called blockages of these energy points are said to cause a cascade of different effects, including bad mood, physical discomfort or mental confusion. </span></p><br/><p><span class=&aquot;quick-answer-content&aquot;>(Source: Reference.com)<br /></span></p>”]chakra[/itg-tooltip] to the breasts is the heart. Therefore, the heart chakra is the seat of the Soul and is associated with relationships, love, acceptance, self-control, compassion, guilt, forgiveness, harmony, peace, renewal and growth. In the simplest terms, disease occurs when energy has become stagnant in a certain area of the body. According to Dr. Leonard Coldwell, cancers begins to develop 18 months

Because the chakras represent the Higher Aspects of the psyche, this is where, in effect, illness and disease manifest from. When illness and disease pervade our lives, the Higher Aspects  notify the chakras instructing them to reduce their energy output. Consequently, this energy drain orchestrates a malfunction within the organ or organs they oversee. Hence, this underlying  problem occurs when transiting planets align to natal positions, angles and midpoints.  The biorhythms will also be affected as they are naturally connected to the chakras.3

With that said, the spiritual (or metaphysical) root of breast cancer is tied with a long-term contentious relationship – conflict, hatred, and/or bitterness – with/toward an immediate family member particularly one’s mother or sister.


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Within the last two months or so, my mom confessed to me that she haunted by the death of her father and she still wanted to know what happened to him, She was “daddy’s little girl.” So not only was her cancer a result of a disheartening relationship with her own mother, but also with the inability to put to rest how her father died. What really happened to her father? Did he kill himself at 30 years of age or was he murdered? Among other disheartening life events – failed marriages, not feeling loved, “losing custody” of her own child, etc., my mother simply died of a broken heart.

[bctt tweet=”‘Oftentimes #cancer is an internal suicide attempt (or suicide command).’ ~Dr. Leonard Coldwell #holistic #healing” username=”drjaketha”]

Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment:

A month shy of her 37th birth date, she was diagnosed with breast cancer and ultimately had her left breast removed.

On the day of her mastectomy, Capricorn (♑) was in six places: Sun (☼) (23°20′), Mercury (☿) (29°34′), Venus (♀) (22°33′), Mars (♂) (18°51′), Uranus (♅) (22°20′), and Neptune (♆) (20°57′), whereas under this sign, “disease is frequently rooted in inhibitions”4 (or the inability to express one’s thoughts, emotions, or desires5). Tie the negative emotions associated with a cancer diagnosis in one’s 30s, plus losing a breast to it, with a long-term strained relationship with her mother, meant she officially shut down emotionally that date.

Ten months later, she was started her first round of chemotherapy. On that date, Capricorn was present in Uranus and Neptune, while Scorpio (♏) was present in Mercury, Venus, Jupiter (♃) , and Pluto (♇), with the moon in Virgo (♍).

Scorpio is associated with the “breaking down of resistance through worrying and interaction of others with the individual.”6 Unfortunately, her cancer had long spread – although she tried to kept that a secret for the longest before it became evident with radiation treatments.

By late 1999, early 2000, the cancer had spread via her lymph nodes to the point that a minimum of six cancerous tumors were found affecting major organs like her brain, a lung, her liver, her uterus, etc. It was then she was given six months to live.

She died on July 6, 2000 at the age of 43 with the Moon in Virgo (21°34′) and Cancer in Sun (14°53′), in Mercury (14°35′), in Venus (21°49′) and in Mars (13°25′).

Death in Her Horoscope:

Let’s explore this further: The Moon was in Virgo on the day she died and Virgo is associated with diseases in general, whereas the Moon deals with the mind and heart and thus represents our upbringing and emotional background. From a medical astrology perspective, it [the moon] is associated with breast-related diseases among other things and it also rules the heart, lungs, breast, brain, blood, body fluids, renal (kidneys), lymphatic duct, etc.

Again on that day, the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars were in Cancer. As stated earlier, the zodiac symbol of Cancer is associated with the chest, which includes the breasts. Add to that, the sun is associated with the stomach and the heart, but most importantly with relapses of previous diseases. Mercury rules the chest, nervous system, skin, gall bladder, nerves, lungs, etc., while Venus rules the throat, glands, etc., and Mars rules blood, marrow, energy, red blood cells, etc.


In my forthcoming book – The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing, I’ll connect the dots sharing more about the strained relationships in my mother’s life ultimately played roles in her ultimate demise. I’ll also share insights on the mysterious death of her father – an otherwise healthy man who reportedly completed suicide at the age of 30, leaving behind a wife and two young daughters – both under the age of 10.

For weeks after her death, I continuously questioned God about her life’s purpose and why she had to suffer for so long. The answer I ultimately received from above was “She had to die so you could live.” Fast forward to my life and things I have experience since her death and its all starting to make sense.

“In effect illness and disease are nothing more than an illusion, hence a projection of thought energy, but they seem very real. We are all capable of healing ourselves, however for the majority of individuals that has become virtually impossible because no longer do we see our body’s as vessels of infinite light energy; instead we see our body’s as vessels comprising of dense finite matter that succumbs to the process of ageing and disrepair.”7

1 Alan Wheatcroft, author of One Body, Many Illnesses
2 Sun Moon – Aquarius Cancer (pdf))
3 Wheatcroft
4 Peter Morrell, Medical Astrology and Astrological Medicine
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*** DISCLAIMER: I am not a medical doctor of any kind. Medical astrology is not used to diagnose diseases but affirm their existence after a formal diagnosis has been made. Advice provided here is strictly for educational purpose is not a substitute for proper medical care. Please see a licensed healthcare professional for conventional treatment. ***

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