Spiritual Identity Crisis

Two years ago this very past weekend, I had a rather elaborate dream in which an unknown Source “BEstowed” me with several sets of keys. At least two sets were for custom vehicles that had “double ignitions,” whereas, the others included a (modern) house key alongside an ancient iron vintage skeleton key. Collectively, they seemed to have appeared out of nowhere. Yet having found them under such mysterious conditions, I knew they were of great significance. Without wasting any time contemplating their meaning, I knew I needed to guard them since there were two thieves nearby.  As a result, I immediately began hiding one key under a seat. Due to its abnormal size, I wasn’t able to fit it into such a cramped compartment, so I decided to try a different key – one a bit smaller. But just as I was growing weary, the dream abruptly ended.

If you know anything about me, then you know how common such dreams are for me. If not, then feel free to check out my blogs and podcasts posted here on my sister site, The House of Jezebel. Anyway, since the death of my mother but even more so in the last five or six years, I’ve found myself in the midst of a host of deep spiritual transformations. I guess you could say – I’ve spent near two decades undergoing a spiritual identify crisis (or a Life Purpose SMS). This year (2007) alone has created a lot of stress and strain on the work front, but now that all of that has passed over, I’ll left wondering about the meaning of it all. I’m left continuing my shadow work,  digging for deeper inner-standing about myself, my life – past, present, and ultimately future (MY PURPOSE). One place I’ve return to for answers lies within reach. Its with my very own given name – JAKETHA.

Back in the late 2008, early 2009, I offered an online destiny discovery program called the 40-Day Challenge. One of the assignments involving performing historical and/or spiritual research regarding the meanings of one’s first name. Back then, I used a particular Christian baby name book and a select range of websites to aim my clients in their search. For many, the meaning of their name provided some much needed clarity regarding their earthly purpose. Yet nearly nine years later, that same assignment bears little meaning for me now.  Since then, I’ve grown and changed so much in the past decade – and I’m still growing and learning day by day – but now, I needed a refresher. In the natural, my name was derived from the initials of another. But today, that meaning is holds no little to no value for me.  With renewed spiritual eyes, I ?see my name differently now. Its spiritual connotation has expanded beyond traditional earthly jargon.

Symbolism of the Key

Viewed as a universal symbol throughout history, keys, especially in dreams, symbolize power/authority, knowledge, opportunity, access, control, prophecy/revelation, initiation, etc. As one source explains: “Keys have been used to symbolize man’s ability to gain access to those things of either a material or spiritual nature which are of the greatest significance to him.” It goes on to say: “The key is an object of symbolic of opening and closing powers, such as the power to open the doors between this world and the next.”

In the Christian Bible, the word “key” or “keys” is found in roughly 22 passages – depending on translation. Two of the most referenced passages are Isaiah 22:22 and Matthew 16:19. Their respective meanings are “key, opening instrument” (Strong’s H4668) and “a key – metaph. in the NT to denote power and authority of various kinds” (G2807).


All our lives we live in chains and never even know we hold the key.” ~Unknown


What’s in a Name?

From audio recordings to graphic images to syllabic breakdowns, I have tried different ways to help others decipher the pronunciation of my name. The toughest attempt involve using sounds and syllables has been trying to “spell” out. What finally help me to decode – spiritually speaking – came through a phrase that I’ve heard so many times before in many different arenas. But this time, a piece of the puzzle was unlocked for me while listening to a Bob Marley featuring Lauryn Hill remake entitled Turn Your Lights Down Low (YouTube – check it out around the 3:37 mark).

Spiritual Meaning of JAH-KEy-thā’


God (or god) is respectfully referred to in Rastafarian circles by the sacred name of JAH, which is also considered an abbreviation of Yah or Yahweh, the God of Israel. In the Metaphysical Bible Dictionary, the Hebrew meaning of Jah is “unchangeable; eternal; everlasting; Lord; Jehovah; He [or Her]” and is “a shortened or poetical form of Jehovah…[actually,] it is really one of the most ancient expressions attached to Deity.”


Esoterically speaking, keys are associated with affirmation and denial, which imply “two movements of the mind that express power to accept or to reject, to lay hold of or to let go.”


Considered as the fourth letter of the Arabic alphabet, in English, -tha sounds more like think or thin but in my cases, the “a” which is the first letter of the English letter has more of an “ah” sound. “In the appropriate of the letters of the Arabic alphabet to denote numbers, it represents the number 500.” (Source) With a life path number of 5, the number 500 contains the numerical vibration of change (5) and potential (0) – or in this case of my dream – double potential.

Actually, the Angel “Number 500 promotes the courage and personal freedom to live and serve your soul mission as your intuition and inner-knowing dictates.” It also “…indicates that sweeping changes are around you, and they are taking place for important reasons that will become obvious with hindsight. The changes you are making (or considering) are necessary and timely and are for your highest good. They have been divinely planned and orchestrated and will turn out to be the answers to your prayers…. do not allow your fears or other people’s opinions to deter or hinder you. Have the courage to make positive changes that are in-line with your personal lifestyle choices and ensure that you always remain true to yourSELF.”

Connecting the Pieces…

There are several meanings that can be extracted from these parts of a greater whole. For example: “The key is God” or “God is the key.” Even better is, “I AM the key.” In all humility,  within my own life and in the lives of those divinely inserted into my sphere of influence, I AM the key! Through an inner- and over-standing regarding the kingdom of heaven/God lying within human as a form of spiritual consciousness, along with a proper standing regarding the power necessary for unlocking spiritually or materially using the keys of the kingdom, I can better understand that I have the power of both the tongue and my mind to loose that which binds me – see Prov. 18:21.

As Charles Fillmore, founder of the Unity [Movement], best explains in a sermon delivered on March 2, 1969:

The first step to spiritual mastery is a recognition by our faith of our spiritual identity…This is a step that must be taken by faith, since human understanding alone is insufficient to reveal the divine potential of the Christ within….

We develop our divine potential through acceptance and right use of the ‘keys of the kingdom’ to which Jesus referred. The ‘keys’ that God has made available to use are constructive thoughts and words. These thoughts and words are affirmations and denials which guide, guard, direct, and develop our faculties, such as faith, love, wisdom, and strength.

Through affirmations and denials we can loose ourselves from personal limitations and set free within us the power to accomplish all good. We can deny the power and reality of all that seems evil and affirm the presence and power of God. We can eliminate harmful emotions, such as fear, resentment, and jealousy, and replace them with love, faith and understanding. Thus, through faithful prayer and daily right use of the powers God has given us, we can open the door to greater happiness and higher attainment than we have ever know.



The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” ~Lao Tzu


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