When Darkness Prevails…

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.”
~ Nikola Tesla

Mysterious power – open palm with a glowing light

Last year, I signed up for a new energy healing modality called Pranic Healing. During a short break on the first day of a two-day class, my friend who came with me to help with my little one asked if I was getting anything out of the training. Since I know she isn’t familiar with energy healing, I reluctantly proceeded to explain how it worked. For the purpose of simplistic, I’ll say that pranic healing is a no-touch method of sending healing energy to various parts of the body thus aiming in its own healing process. At the mention of no touching, her face frowned and she hurriedly stated: “Well what good is that! If you can’t touch, how can you heal?” (She thought this was similar to massage therapy.) On that note, I abandoned the topic and decided to head back to class. Although it was a valid question, I didn’t know how to explain it to her but now I do. So let me tell you a story about how energy works….

Over 10 years ago, I packed up and moved one state over to a place where I didn’t know anyone just so I could take a new job.  A month before I relocated – and in a single day’s visit, I was able to secure an apartment at the first complex on my list. It was a gated community on the outskirts of town which meant potential leaseholders had to pass credit and background checks during the initial application process. However, I’d soon figure out that this did not extend to everyone behind those gates – think in term of one’s visitors.

I secured a ground-floor, two-bedroom, two bath apartment with an enclosed patio, walk-in storage closet, common appliances like a dishwasher, garbage disposal, and even full-sized washer and dryer plus a built-in security system – all for around $650 a month. (Five years later, my rent would skyrocket to around $955. Yikes!) Within the last two years, or so, a young female – maybe in her early to mid-20s along with an older gentleman who was quite ill moved into the apartment above me. One would think under the circumstances I had acquired some quiet neighbors but I’d soon realized that wasn’t the case. Immediately, the apartment had non-stop visitors which was out of sorts for our area in general. Usually, their visitors were also around the same age as was the boyfriend of the female tenant.

Soon after they moved in and the excessive foot traffic ensued, I started feeling quite uneasy. Initially, my uneasiness grew progressively worse until I started to experience physical symptoms. At one point, I felt like I had to walk on eggshells around my own apartment (and I lived alone). It was hard to explain back then but now, I realize that I was literally living under bad energy. Not just bad but energy that was of a dark and sinister nature. It enveloped me no matter what room I was in. It turned out to be strongest in my spare bedroom which doubled as my home office. One day, I deciphered that my computer desk was in perfect alignment with her headboard. You see I was sitting at my computer when I heard – and in my mind’s eye I could see it happening – her front door open and slammed shut, followed by footsteps that hurriedly moved across the living room area into the same bedroom. As if on cue, she started wailed as if she knew what was come. The next thing I heard was her being body slammed to the floor – right above my head. I jumped at the impact. At that moment, it was no denying she was a victim of domestic violence (and so was I).

The final straw before I decided to report them to the manager office happened during a holiday weekend. That Monday was the 4th of July so the office was scheduled to be closed on both Saturday and Monday. I hadn’t planned on going out of town but that Friday evening, I was seriously starting to wonder if I should make a surprise trip “home” just to get out of their environment. Although I wanted to get as far away as I could, I had barely made it into my apartment and onto the couch when I arrived home. The super heavy energy from the ongoing violence upstairs had evaded my space and was physically and emotionally taking its toll on me. I always felt drained of energy and started to hate going home. The apartment I was so proud of was now the place I hated to be in. At that moment on that day, I couldn’t have packed an overnight bag even if I wanted too. Then not even 15 minutes after I had made it home, all hell broke loose.

The front door of the apartment above opened and slammed. It was him. He stormed in and immediately begin yelling like a madman. Once again, I felt as if I was in her shoes. Obviously, she too had been sitting on her couch which was obviously in the exact same spot as mine. Although I was sitting in my locked and darken apartment with curtains and blinds closed, I could intuitively see him towering over, while she used her arms to protect herself as she pleaded for her life. Before I knew it, I heard the sliding glass doors open, a struggle ensued and the two of them were out of the balcony. I feared he’s about to kill her. As a sidebar, this female was tall and slender, much taller than he was, yet he had the superhuman strength to grab her around the neck and dang her backward over the railing. By this time, I eased off the couch to peak through the blinds although I knew I wouldn’t be able to see much physically, my spiritual eyes were showing me more than enough. In the building across from mine sat two older ladies. They were neighbors and often sat on the sidewalk chatting. But this time, they had a front row seat to the horror that I had been leaving under for months. I’d later learn several hours later as they continued to sit and chat, that they yelled out to him and threatened to call the cops if he didn’t release her to safety. Of course, he acted unafraid and begin verbally threatened them. But maybe that did spook him because soon as that he let her go and hurriedly out. Although I was living in fear, I don’t recall him coming back that weekend at all. They shared with me how they tried to encourage her to call the police but like so many victims, she just took up for him and headed back inside as if nothing had happened.

I had only seen him once. One day as I was walking to my apartment and a group of people was coming down the stairs. As we passed on opposite sides of the breezeway, my eyes briefly locked with one them. I knew it was him. His eyes were dark – almost black – and I couldn’t help but sensed that he was under lived in demonic turmoil. Sure I’ve met people with souls that were hurt or damaged by trauma but this guy’s soul was dark and hollow.

Aside from that time, I saw him again. Yet his distant sinister nature affected me on some many levels. At the time, I was that quiet neighbor that lived downstairs. So imagine if someone can harness energy in such a negative matter, what would happen if it were channeled such energy for good? Now, who’s to say that energy in its purest state can’t be sent across space and time to heal someone who is either in the same room or halfway across the world. I’ll leave you to decide.



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