Why Did I Choose This?


“Earlier today, Zed, you asked the gathered crowd: Is it possible to pursue happiness if the pursuit does not make you happy? How many mice have the courage to answer that question? How many will be able to accept what the answer implies we should do? You are asking mice to do things they have never learned. You are asking them to question and to think, but they choose to accept things as given. You are asking them to find themselves, but they are busy finding cheese. You are asking them to run their lives, but they are busy running the maze. You, Zed, are asking them to be. But they have learned only to do.” Max in I Moved Your Cheese

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In recent months, I’ve been seriously pondering the purpose of my own existence. (Before you ask: No, I’m not suicidal! Doing harm to myself isn’t an option but flying to Pluto might be. 🚀) But seriously, in this latest round of personal life reviews – I do these often – when I go on an “inner evaluation” regarding the sum total of my life experiences, I’ve been wondering: Now, why did I choose this? Why did I choose to reincarnate here? 🌎 Why did I choose my family of origin, my career field, etc.? Why did I choose this [life]? 🤔 😯

Since I began the awakening process several years ago and started actively partnering with Source/Spirit/God, along with establishing a better understanding of the laws of the universe, now I can’t help but see my life in a different light. Especially when one starts to learn more about themselves and their Oneness with everything, you start to become more in tune with who you are – individually and collectively. So when the thought occurred to me: Have I been here before? The answer is sure because death is not the end. No soul can become a better Jesus in a single lifetime of existence, right?!? Isn’t that what Jesus was trying to relay to the “struggling souls around him on the path to liberation from the treadmill of karma, rebirth, and maya – the illusion of separation and multiplicity.” (Church, 1989, 21)

But how does one get off of this treadmill? Who “chooses” to come back to Earth for another life? The answer is – We all do whether we realize it or not. As spiritual BE-ings in a physical body having an earthly experience, between lives, we – our soul – works in conjunction with our spiritual guides, guardian angels, etc., in the reviewing our past lives and in selecting the criteria for the next one. Unresolved life lessons, physical sicknesses and ailments, and even poor freewill choices can carry over or remain encoded into our soul affecting us in the future lifetimes. Remember the scripture about “sins of the father”?

For example: As a life path 5, whenever I am out of alignment, I might be “fearful, depressed, stagnant, or easily overwhelmed”, whereas, when I am aligned or balanced: I’m “fearless, an agent of change, fun, adventurous.” (Source) The source also provides my downfall: “Your nemesis: Attracting restrictive circumstances into your life and working through lots of fear.” WAIT, WHAT THE…?!? I choose that!!! 😲 No, but seriously, who in the hell would choose such a life path? Duh! Me of course. 😅 I must be really out of alignment to even be writing a post on this topic, right?!? 😂

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Let’s say your birthday is March 13, 1933, to calculate your life path number, take the numerical value of your birth month (Jan = 1, Feb = 2, Mar = 3, etc.) and add those together along with the individuals for the remainder of your birth date plus the birth year as shown: 3 + 13 + (1+9+9+3) = 3 + 13 + 22 = 38/11. (In this example, this individual would have a life path of 38 – 3 + 8 = 11 or (1+1=2), with 11 being a Master Number.  So in this case, someone born on March 13, 1933, would have a life path number of 11/2. You can calculate your life path number and explore its meanings right here or you could purchase a copy of Numerology and The Divine Triangle by Faith Javane and Dusty Bunker available on Amazon here.

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Did We Choose This?!?

It’s funny how people – including myself – use phrases without fully understanding their meaning. For example: when referring to young children in screwed-up life circumstances, people will say: “Well, they didn’t choose to be born?” WRONG!!! They did. We all have a choice each time we reincarnate. Between lives, we choose when we are ready to incarnate and then we work in partnership with spirit guides, angels and the like to select our next life plan. Don’t get me wrong, we still have free will, so we are not forced to do anything. We are always provided with choices and choices have consequences. Thus we choose our physical bodies, we choose our family of origin (birth parents), we preselect certain life circumstances – all of which is based on what lessons we still need to learn. Then we sign “soul contracts” with all parties to seal the deal. Regardless if we can remember these pre-life decisions once we are here, the Universe will leave clues to help us remember who we are and why we are here. We just need to be open to seeing and hearing (beyond the physical realm). 🌌 It was the late great Rudolf Steiner, who said:

In order to avoid making certain mistakes in the future, we must return to the physical plane, improve our disposition, and then return to the spiritual world to do better than previously. From this you will understand the importance of sound and careful preparation before crossing the threshold into the spiritual world. (Steiner, 1912)

Decide to Choose Differently

Yesterday, I was watching a Gaia video, which guest starred the end-your-face Dr. Bruce Goldberg, a dentist turned hypnotherapist who specializes in past and future-life regression therapy. He shared with the show’s host an account of a female client who wanted to learn more about her past lives. It sounded as if she was quite unlucky in love and was currently in an abusive relationship but couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t leave. Honestly, I don’t think it was crazy for her to ask: Is something wrong with me? Why can’t I leave this guy? 🏁

Goldberg explains that as a result of her past-life sessions, they discovered that this karmic relationship was deadly. This guy (soul or soul type) had killed her in 20 of her past 49 lives. Yes, that’s right, he killed her at least 20 different times. 💀⚰ Upon learning this, she left him and now she’s supposedly happy. (At least, I hope she is.) But learning this lesson and breaking free of that relationship and not becoming involved in any future relationships of this nature or at least being fully aware enough to identify it then quickly get the hell out of dodge, is exactly how one erases their karmic debt. As long as she doesn’t create new dysfunctional relationships of this same type or allow similar circumstances to return and stay, then that karma has been erased. Now, I’m sure the Universe sent her a “final exam’ to ensure she actually learned the karmic lesson before it was expunged from her Akashic record. The key is that she became aware enough of her relationship choices and now she can choose differently.

So she examined her life and began to ask some hard questions. She then searched for someone to help her find the answer to this particular repeated ill. Then she made a different – a better – decision. She made a decision for her highest good and that was to discontinue that relationship. And we must do the same in our own lives. We must be willing to ask ourselves some hard questions, to ask our spiritual team – angels, ancestors, spirit guide, guardian angels, etc., for clues, to even ask the Universe “Why?”, to ask God within: “What am I missing in the midst of all of this?” Then work toward changing the outcome. 😑

Life really is about asking the hard questions about the circumstances that we find ourselves – even the ones of our own choosing – think in terms of free will – then we must be willing to put in the (corrective) work (if necessary) to make a difference in our own lives. No one else can do this for you! The circumstances of your life are your load to carry. Of course, in putting in this type of work of sorts, our ultimate intent is to get off the wheel of karma. No one said it would be an easy task. Yet, Dr. Goldberg said something that really spoke to my soul regarding karmic relationships. He said: “Be nice to them  [if you must interact with them] but stop the victimization or you fail the karmic test! If the person doesn’t get it, get them out of your life.” 🚏 On a personal note, I know these words to be true. Now I’m actively choosing better so I don’t have to wonder going forth: Now why did I choose this again? 😕😇

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Peace & Blessings,
💜 dr j 💜

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