Why We Don’t Speak

Sometimes in the process of discussing a matter with a trusted associate, a well of truth and revelation may spring forth.🌊 Although it’s possible the person listening to your plight might add some layer of clarity (or confusion) to your understanding, that’s not quite what I’m referring to here. Actually, I’m speaking more in line with hearing yourself. 👂

If you are someone who is familiar with examining Self, then it means you have ears to hear yourSELF. It means you possess the ability to hear your own words without prejudice or judgment and accept the revelation (intuition) that comes from the kingdom of God within you.

Case in point: For several years now, I’ve been experiencing some synchronicities involving numbers. One common thread from these angel numbers is in regards to something coming to an end for karmic reasons. Yet the meanings always reinforced that these endings are needed for positive new opportunities to manifest in my life. I’m sure letting some people go as well as allowing some people to leave my life will continue to be apart of these endings until I’m surrounded by people of the same vibrational frequency of love and success. ⌛

After years upon years of inner work – and I’m still not done, I personally understand the power of transparency and accountability. Sharing my life experiences and lessons learned are powerful tools for helping others going through the same or similar situation while not forgetting that everyone’s journey is different. This technique is not the same as randomly calling or visiting someone just so I can tell them my side of a half-baked story because I don’t want to face the truth of my own life. 🎶 This is why it’s important to have a relationship with your own spiritual team (ancestors, angels, etc.).  Before I make any big decisions, I allow enough time for my spiritual team to provide me some extra clarity and confidence for the decision before me. Sometimes the answer comes in the form of what not to do (or who not to be like). Well yesterday, I heard mySELF (again).

Aside from the number synchronicities, my entire life has centered around synchronicities with people, which is one of the reasons I’m writing The House of Jezebel.  Not to mention that Life Path 5ers are highly sensual people that must learn how to stop tolerating BS from the “eccentric, unstable people” often drawn to our light (Source).  Unfortunately for me, this “newer” set of synchronicities includes liars and BS-ers of an excessively, compulsive nature.

They start off being an audience of one, so initially, they’re only lying to themselves. Here no one is exempt because we all tell ourselves lies that range from subtle to destructive. However in the case of subtleties, you simply need someone close to you to call you on your BS and all is well, right?!? However, if you’re on the destructive path because you refuse to face your own darkness (shadows/satan/ego) and continue to wear rose-colored glasses in assessing your life, the door is now open to start lying to others.

This phase of “Liarship” could turn narcissistic very quickly through the use of power tripping or by projecting onto unassuming others. [bctt tweet=”Without spiritual discernment and/or tangible proof, the liar’s words are often taken at face value. ” username=”drjaketha”] Being able to see through that crap is important because no matter how wrong they are, you won’t be able to convince them otherwise. They simply don’t have the ability to hear or listen to reason because their “inner lies” have convinced them otherwise. But strangely enough, they’ll listen to and even adhere to the advice of someone on the same bizarre low frequency as they are so – go figure!!!

By this point, these individuals have become energy vampires. One source explains: “An energy vampire is a person who feeds off your emotional, or psychic energy…As a result of the pain or insecurity they feel inside, energy vampires are addicted to preying on the vitality of others as an attempt to heal their inner suffering.” Such individuals could be one’s boss/coworkers/employees, family members or friends, next-door neighbors – whoever you allow in your space whether it’s through a phone call, email, text, or a face-to-face visit.

Once this vampiric state is reached, he/she can’t be reasoned with so highly sensitive people beware because these vampires are attracted to your spiritual light. 💡Once found, they’ll plug into you via their constant friction, drama, or another attention-grabbing method. Meanwhile, you’re slowly become drained (of life energy) as they feed off of you like an actual power source. 🔌

Being on the receiving end of such isn’t just emotionally draining, it can also materialize in the form of physical sickness and other ailments. Decades ago, when I’d go visit my Jezebel, I noticed that within two hours of being in her presence, I’d develop a terrible headache. Two hours after that (or 4 hours later), I’d have an upset stomach. Then another two hours after that (or 6 hours later), I’d be so physically exhausted, I’d need to lie down. By then, there was no leaving her house because I wasn’t alert enough to drive.

So to anyone from my past (or present) who fits these criteria is wondering why we don’t speak or why we haven’t spoken in a long while, or if we do speak its on a highly superficial level, now you know why.  I have consciously made the decision to take back/protect my energy either from you or from someone closely aligned with you. Until you (or the other party) learns how to hear yourself without the need for stealing my energy, then an authentic relationship between us simply won’t ever come to pass. But get this though – I ain’t mad at cha! I simply can’t stay in toxic environments in which you (or the ones you are aligned with) thrive so well in. 👻<drj>👻


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