(Podcast) Writing + Mysticism


Prior to my spiritual awakenings, I’d say I was a diehard Christian fanatic. In my second podcast – still entitled Writing Ain’t Easy… (Part II), I shared how I moved from traditional Christianity into Mystical Christianity (or plain ole mysticism). Transpiring over the past 17 years, I underwent a *MAJOR* spiritual awakening that involved several “dark night of the soul” processes. When it was all said and done, I was ultimately forced to reexamine my own beliefs about everything. As a result, the writing of The House of Jezebel came to a screeching halt.

Initially, the struggle centered around fear. I was afraid of repercussions via the spirit realm. Not to mention for all of these years, I was unable to find any biblical references to back up the paranormal experiences faced throughout my life going back to being a toddler living in the house of Jezebel with my mother, my Jezebel and a host of other relatives. Putting those experiences on paper made feel a little crazy since I couldn’t back up what I was saying. I wanted answers. I needed answers. My “non-biblical” research involved studying/training on demonology and exorcism, along with exploring the roots of Judaism & Christianity and that of the Ancient Hebrew language. I was also lead to watch certain paranormal shows – real and imaginary to curb my fears of writing.

A mystic, like a shaman, is someone who answers a call and is initiated into a deep mystery housed within us all. Mystics and shamans are offered the opportunity to use their spiritual power, insights, wisdom, and ability to access unseen dimensions to serve others. As technologists of the sacred, they can serve in a number of roles. They embark on paths to become healers, psychic advisors, psychologists, poets, visionary artists, musicians, and spiritual teachers. (Keen.com)

Please tune into my second episode for the #THOJBOOK Book Podcast, where I define what is a mystic along with exploring the esoteric and exoteric differences between a mystic and a traditional Christian believer via the sharing of an audio clip from the TV series, Supernatural. I hope you enjoy this episode and feel free to share your positive comments, join our Reader’s PowWow Forum, or send us a private message through our Contact Us form all located at http://www.thehouseofjezebel.com. Namaste!

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