2020: A Year in Review

For years, I’ve known something would happen in this world to make nearly everyone go mad if not become extremely paranoid. At the same time, I thought it was just all in my head that is until around mid-February of 2020 when the madness literally “took flight” right here in my corner of the so-called “United” States.

At the end of the day, this is all about money, power, and prestige. The rich get richer off of the backs of the poor and the poor seems to be content with being taken care of – unless you have “an eye” to see what’s really going on here.

2020 ushered in the realization through transformation of the change(s) you need to take/make in 2021 for realization of your soul’s purpose and the overall evolution/elevation of the Christ Consciousness of all souls.

Early on in 2020 as the drama unfolded, I was just as confused as everyone else. But then again, when someone stirs up chaos its purpose is to throw everyone and everything in its environment off-kilter. But at the same time, I wasn’t about to slap on a haz-mat suit just to go to the grocery store. Until the mask mandates begin rolling out around May, I continued to shop without a mask and just tried my best to avoid those who were definitely concerned about “the germs of others”. For those people, I showed respect by keeping my distance from them.

With a few weeks of being at home (sheltering-in-place), I said enough. In a simple request, I asked God/Spirit: “What exactly is going on here? What is COVID-19 all about?” Oh my goodness! Why on Earth did I ask such a question? In the days and weeks prior to, I had already been racking my brain trying to make sense of it all. What kind of virus is this again? How does it supposedly spread? Add to that – one minute the government said do this, the next minute they flipped the script claiming they “never said that” and if they did, we – the American people – were sadly mistaken (and it wasn’t just Trump “playing that role” either.)

#ThatTactic felt way too familiar to me, why? Again, none of this was making any sense. Nevertheless, I decided to go to the Source/the Most High. It was time to petition the heavens for answers. By mid-March, as I was journaling about other matters of the heart, the answer to my earlier question literally dropped into my spirit and flowed out onto the page in front of me.

“…[COVID-19] it’s a bacteria that’s apart of the natural ecosystem of the body, it isn’t designed to kill you.” WAIT WHAT?!? If that were true, then what in the heck is all this uproar about? (Short Answer: “2030 Agenda”)

But for those who can look back without being overtaken by the “doom and gloom” of it all, there were many in the medical field saying it’s nothing to worry about. It’s a “kind of” flu. Even the President downplayed its seriousness.

Always remember – people who “flip the script” to follow the narrative likely have something to gain as a result of their “flipping ways”. Sometimes it’s because they’ve been paid off or they fear being publicly exposed possibly for unknown crimes (or they’ve been threatened into submission by someone of much higher authority). #sidebar

Yet, the media and the government were painting an entirely different picture. According to them, hospitals were overflowing with patients. Soon, people would be dropping dead in the street. “It’s a bacteria…a natural part of the body….doesn’t kill you!?!” REALLY?!? I won’t go into the details of all that was revealed to me throughout the remainder of the year. You can explore that over on my sister site, The Divinely Preserved Healer. Yet, in this post, I want to reflect back on 2020 and share what my biggest take-away and let-down was for what turned out to be “the cluster-f*ck of a lifetime.”

Sorry for Your Lost…

Before I go into that, I do want to acknowledge that there are many who had and still have genuine faith in the government (and the media). If that’s you and you still believe the narrative, then this post isn’t for you. Frankly, this website isn’t for you. But I still want to be mindful that many have lost, loved ones in 2020 whether it was due to corona or not.

I can’t and won’t attempt to change your minds but I can extend warm sympathy for your lost. Or if you didn’t lost a loved one, perhaps you lost yourself in the midst of the fear, and for that I am truly sorry for your lost as well  Nobody wants to find themselves in the midst of such turmoil without anywhere to go and find comfort. This global event has impacted the lives of everyone but in different ways. Nevertheless, I hope you and/or your family find peace in the midst of it all.

The Real Witches…

My biggest let-down in all of this was in how much this reminded me of my own upbringing. The household I was raised in was led by someone who was a “big fish in a small pond” – a community leader in her own rite. Yet, her “leadership skills” discerned by the few who could see through her BS, they laid someone who possessed a “cold, hateful, and calculating” demeanor (and could flip her persona in a heartbeat).

In the Church, such a person is referred to as a Jezebel but in the real world, he/she might be referred to as a narcissistic, psychopath, sociopath – hell, it’s all dark, vampiric energy regardless of the title. In other words, once God/Spirit told me what COVID – “the sickness” – was really all about. I immediately recognized how people were being gaslighted. I saw the same tactics used by officials – at all levels – as the same ones used by my Jezebel. The only difference now was that the “flying monkeys” weren’t relatives but strangers and the whole world was in on the gag. Far more people believe that this is true than those that believe it’s apart a bigger scheme orchestrated by the elite. I think I already mentioned the 2030 Agenda, right?

The real witches / “bad guys” are your politicians and your health officials – mainly at the federal level – whether they recognize or even admit their role as the “kranks”. Anyone who is in a position of authority and keeps the narrative going through excessive fear and control – those are the ones you need to be worried about. Unfortunately, by the time many wake up to this Truth, the damage [mandatory vaccines, face masks, vaccine passports, concentration camps, etc.] will already be here to stay. (You do know face masks were pushed back during the Spanish Flu of 1918, which lasted off and on for nearly three years. Anybody else noticed that happened a century ago? Maybe it’s just a coincidence. Wonder if its already planned for somewhere around the years of 2118-2200?!?)

Life is But a Dream…

My best take-away is to acknowledge not only that life is short but that the restrictions brought on by this global plandemic have made me (and plenty of others) not so much as hide (or blend in) but as supplanters. We are secretly planting seeds so when the time comes, we can get busy living – that’s once the biggest of this scam has played itself out.

What I mean is that – this is the time to “see your place in the world” and “move with intention”. As painful as this earthly existence can be at times, we must remember that we are all souls / spiritual beings having an earthly human experience. This earthly journey has a purpose and the sooner you come to terms with that and make moves to minimize your soul’s return for a later lifetime, then today’s karmic cycle hopefully won’t repeat itself in another 100 years affecting our great, great-grandchildren.

None of us would be here unless our souls still had work to do either within itself and/or with others that we’ve been tasked with helping to raise the consciousness of mankind as a whole. That we can’t do if we are “fast asleep” Honestly, life is but only a dream and the dream requires us to wake up. With eyes wide open, to recognize and walk it out our own destinies. In other words, set aside your fear but if you must grasp it then let it be your guide, your compass toward a better life, better connections/relationships, a better career, etc.

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