2021: The Year of Manifested Change…

2020 ushered in the realization through transformation of the change(s) we need to make in 2021 for realization of our soul’s purpose and the overall evolution/elevation of humanity via Christ Consciousness. #dphealer

2021 Brings Change on Your Terms

In mid-October 2020, I wrote “2020 is/was about TRANSFORMATION and 2021 will be about CHANGE.” In other words, 2020 provided the ALTERATION or SHIFT needed to usher in CHANGE that leads to be FREE of that which has held us back. No longer will the prison of our minds and situations hold us hostage, we possess the keys to free ourselves. How is that possible?

I went on to write: “TRANSFORMATION aligns with FAITH while CHANGE is what’s HOPE for. FAITH is the substance of things hoped for; the evidence of things not seen (Heb 11:1). Faith is more that belief; its also more than blindly believing [and following the masses]. [There is a] difference between blind faith and going with the Flow of Spirit.”

2020 stirred up the heavens and brought the storm clouds, which appear to have resulted in economic barrenness. This PERFECT STORM shooketh the entire world and not just our lives but also our mindsets. For the most part, any CHANGES in 2020 were likely IMPOSED upon us by/through EXTERNAL SOURCES. On the other hand, in 2021, the NEXT SHIFT allows us to see that the POWER never left us. It’s always been in OUR HANDS. Actually, this tug-of-war will last for at least a decade or more, which its peak in 2030. Through this timeframe, it will look like the people are winning; other times the government.  Ironically, we the people have always had the power to act in our own favor. However EXCESSIVE FEAR has gripped many. But now the time is upon us to IMPOSE our own will, utilize our own volition onto the powers that be. 

The ClusterF*ck Called the Year 2020

The Year 2020 was a Universal Year 4. In numerology, four is about STABILITY & SECURITY but that’s not what we got. Instead of getting a dose of the 4 light (or enlighten) attributes, it flipped the script and gave us a dose of its DARKER, SHADOW SIDE. 2020 said I came on the f*ck shyt meaning it came in being a straight up bully, which left amany of us caught completely off-guard.

Nearly a year later, there are still a large number of us – here in the States – that remain unprepared and unaware. They are still in unawareness because they have chosen to remain firmly rooted in a 3D ideology and fear is the prison that’s keeping them in shackles. Fearful of catching germs from another when we are constantly surrounding by germs nearly every moment of our lives even in our own houses. Germs that have been here longer than us humans. Since when the mainstream media and the federal government officials become God to the people? Since then they become the “new shepherds” of the flock? As long as you sit on the pew in your mask and “Amen!” their every move, then FREEDOM will bypass you. Why? Compliance is what they need to keep the narrative going. Once people stop going along to get along, only then will the REAL CHANGE show itself.  

(Aug. 12, 1986 – New Conference) Famous Quote from President Ronald Reagan: “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the Government, and I’m here to help.'” (Source)

2021: The Year of F*k All That…

The numerology for 2021 is 5 (=2+0+2+1) and 5 is about CHANGE. In 2021, you command your own change. Discernment is key. Nevertheless, as more people push back (from the enforcement of the 2030 Agenda and its one-size-fits-all approach to human existence on this planet), the more CONFLICT we will see worldwide. CHANGE can’t come without CONFLICT on multiple sides. Unfortunately, the dominoes are already falling into place. Its better you take a stand now but someone is taking it for you. In 2021 and beyond, it’s about SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. Now when I say survival I don’t mean “avoid dying from corona” but instead I’m talking about the MENTAL and EMOTIONAL ANGUISH that many will suffer because they don’t want to change. In the decade or more going forth, federal government will continue to impose its will on the compliant. Honestly, haven’t we been compliant for long enough? Aren’t you ready to start a new life without the restrictions and outside interference from the federal government? Have you considered the BACKLASH your body will as a result of the STRESS & STRAIN your own government has put you through.

Journaling/Meditation Exercise:
  1. How has COVID-19 affect your mind/your belief outside of worrying about dying?
  2. What TRAUMA has COVID issued into your life, into your mind, into your body?
  3. What impact has that TRAUMA rooted in FEAR has or will have on your physical body in the months and years to come.

Those semi-familiar with German New Medicine know that the global events of 2020 has left a TRAUMA MARK on our DNA/cells. Once a cell has been marked as a result of an overwhelming experience whether good or bad, it results in a permanent trigger that’s literally etched into our soul’s imprint. This is no longer about “catching covid” never has been.

At some point, your body will catch up on all the STRESS from 2020 and then the real sicknesses will kick in and no, it ain’t COVID. This is why many who got sick even with minimal symptoms immediately self-diagnosed themselves as having “had covid” while some rushed out to get one PCR test after another. You know – those tests that are for research purposes only and should never be used for identifying….never mind. 


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