Auras 201

Symbolically speaking, auras are energetic layers that outline or illuminate our physical bodies. In Latin and Ancient Greek, aura means “wind, breeze or breathe,” whereas, in Middle English, it meant “gentle breeze”.1 Often referred too as subtle bodies, they are colored energy fields that enclose the human body and thus provide important information about the state of one’s overall well-being at that point in time. Actually, all living things – animals, plants, and trees – and some innate objects like family heirlooms have auras (or energies absorbed/picked up from other sources). Actually, to understand the aura is to understand the chakras as they go hand in hand.


Let’s say “Climb Mount Everest” is an item on your bucket list. Now it takes a  grave deal of advanced preparation and not to mention physical strength and stamina to successfully accomplish such a fate. Of course, you’ll certainly need a lot of specialized gear in the form of like clothing, shoes, etc. Now, as it relates to clothing, you will need to dress in layers. This is important because at different times of the day, even at different times of the year, the weather conditions are constant changes. For your body to weather changing temperatures, each style of clothing serves a particular purpose. The same goes for other equipment such as headgear, shoes, and whatnot. Together, they serve as another layer of protection for your physical body. Imagine if each layer you put on is just like an auric layer.


Just as there are seven major chakras, there are accompanying auric (or subtle) bodies. These seven subtle bodies act as energetic bands that interconnect the seven major chakras and thus appear as auric layers. The seven auric bodies are the Etheric Body, the Emotional Body, the Mental Body, the Astral Body, the Etheric Template, the Celestial Body, and the Causal Body. Please keep in mind that as you continue your studies elsewhere, you may notice minor discrepancies in the names and/or of the orders. Nevertheless, each layer not only overlaps but also encircles and extends out from the physical body at different distances.

 Subtle BodyCorresponding ChakraExternal Distance
1Etheric BodyRoot?
2Emotional BodySacral?
3Mental BodySolar Plexus?
4Astral BodyHeart?
5Etheric TemplateThroat?
6Celestial BodyThird-Eye?
7Casual BodyCrown?

In images depicting various biblical characters, especially in the New Testament, figures such as Jesus the Christ was drawn with a halo or an aura about the head. Actually, the blend of auric colors along with the distance of each layer reveals a lot about a person for those with an eye to see and an eye to hear. But for those who can’t see auras just yet, it’s believed that auras can be captured on film via aura photography. Sometimes referred to as Kirlian Photography, Bentley Mills of Julian Road explains that “Aura photography is a high-tech bio-feedback imaging camera that takes a photo of your dynamic electromagnetic field. The photo taken is a window to your inner self. You can use it to get in touch with what is going on in your personal space…It is your truth.”2 It should be duly noted that just as your mood changes so will your aura; therefore, it’s never set in stone thus changing and evolving just like you do.


Extreme caution is necessary when working with higher chakras since one’s in-body chakras need to be in proper alignment. Daily meditation with appropriate stones is also essential to prepare for activating or working with higher chakras. In other words, if a higher chakra is prematurely or incorrectly opened or overstimulated, it could cause one to become extremely ungrounded. Even worse, it opens one up to attracting negative non-human entities/energies and/or deceased humans (or ghosts) who haven’t crossed over into one’s energy field. If such were to happen, I could easily leave one vulnerable to spiritual (or demonic) possession (although still rare but possible). The same goes for the lower (in-body) chakras but on a lesser scale, they too can become out of alignment and if mishandled could leave one delving in higher dimensions unprotected. With that said, it is strongly encouraged that you seek assistance from a spiritual professional like shamans and the like as they are skilled at in working higher dimensions.


~Jaketha, the divinely preserved healer

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