Depressed Not Possessed

“Maybe its the weather or something else but I just feel like there’s a dark cloud over my head,” a friend said to me a few days ago. “I don’t remember – but I think it was last week – someone told me it sounded like I had a demon…” Her deflated tone changed as she enthusiastically continued: “…and that I need to pray and cast the Devil away.” 🙋

Now I had no problems with her being concerned about her own well-being or even with her desire to pray for direction and protection, but before she could go on, I countered her by saying: “You do not have a demon.” 😡 I added: “As you said, perhaps it’s the weather [the temp had reached in the triple digits in the past few days], so maybe its the heat. Or perhaps you’re depressed or stressed about something. But one thing is for certain, you do not have a demon!”

In the years that I’ve known her, she has heard countless accounts of my encounters in The House of Jezebel; therefore, there was no reason for her to doubt what I was saying. If I thought she had a problem of this nature, then what kind of friend would I be in not telling her the truth and helping her to obtain help immediately. (Perhaps that’s what the anonymous person who told her such was trying to do. Who knows?!?) Yet the look on her face at my response was that of almost sadness. I already knew that something was going on with her. I had been noticing that for the past few years. But settling on the Devil (as the source) simply wasn’t going to cut it for me. (Maybe five years ago, I would have erroneously endorsed such but not now.)

All of this reminds me of why there’s a Rethinking Satan (😈 ) chapter in my forthcoming book, The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing. Although I love this person dearly, as far as I was concerned, the conversation was over. I wasn’t about to expend any more energy endorsing the erroneous belief that she was being heavily influenced (or even possessed) by a demon as opposed to simply being depressed – likely over family and/or financial matters. In other words, I wasn’t about to play any kind of demonic games by agreeing with her stance, thus giving permission to negative entities or energies to validate such a claim.

There are a lot of reasons why people have low energy and it isn’t always a matter of evil at play. We’re human and on this earthly plane, what we experience could be linked to genetics or to our environment, thus creating sickness, illness, disease and other ailments in our physical bodies. Or worse, perhaps, we have taken a defeated approach to life and thus have given up on the significance of our placement here. But don’t get me wrong. Yes, in extreme – and I mean in very extreme cases, one can be possessed by negative entities (demons). In such cases, it could be because one has been hexed/cursed by someone with ill-intent, perhaps through a curse against one’s family line, or perhaps s/he has developed or is suffering from a health disorder or from a true (or perceived) mental illness. (An example of a “perceived” mental disorder is Kundalini syndrome – see an explanation in the footnote section below.)

But let’s be honest: People everywhere are hurting. Some are in physical pain, others are enduring sadness. Many are carrying broken hearts over failed relationships, missed opportunities, feeling stuck – you name it. Life is not fair but it’s necessary to consciously evolve, to face our own inner devils, to work out our karmic debts and what not. Just because one is going through something isn’t grounds for blaming the Devil. So it saddens me because people are so hungry for answers to their woes that in an effort to find relief, they create even bigger problems for themselves. Case in point: The 1994 case of two sisters (Sisters A & B) charged with criminal blinding, for allegedly gouging out the eyes of their sister (Sister C), whom they believed was possessed.

A Real-Life Case of Hoodoo Gone Wrong

Here’s a recap of that case based on three articles referenced below:

Sister B suffered from recurring headaches while Sister A’s adolescent son suffered from nightmares. This – among other family issues – prompted the sisters father to recommend they see a local Hoodoo practitioner (HP). As a result of a visit by Sister B, the HP allegedly stated that the family’s problems were the result of a demonic attack and that demons were trying to possess her. Either the father and/or the HP encouraged them to run for their lives. Their father said they should go either to another sister or to a family friend’s house in a neighboring state about fours hours away.

Believing the devil was on their trail, the three sisters + their five children headed out west in the wee hours of the night. However, the otherwise four-hour trip turned into an almost two-day event. About an hour in, they were convinced their car was hexed so they stopped at the local regional airport to rent a replacement. Continuing on for a hour and half, they stopped at a local motel. Once there, the children began to see things, so they loaded back up. Driving around in search of a house to drop their children off so they could continue on their journey, they left them at the front door of a house that had a cross on it. With Sister C driving, they continued west.

At some point, Sister C became possessed by the car. According to the sisters: “The steering wheel squirmed into life and started to pummel her, before mutating into a monstrous demon. The apparition sprang from the dashboard mounted the crazed [sister] and began its possession of her.” This was further evident to the two sisters by Sister C veering into oncoming traffic, trying to drive off several bridges, and at one point, speaking in a man’s voice. The two sisters are said to have “beat the car into submission” then work together to calm their sister.

Ditching their rental car “because it was cursed” about 30 minutes away from their final destination, they hitchhiked into the city. [The jury was told the car had a bad starter.] Seeking prayer, they were directed to an ad hoc church in the  converted garage of someone’s house. But before then, they were spotted in a black neighborhood, allegedly standing in the street for several hours, shouting, praying, hitting Sister C, rubbing garlic in her eyes, and putting paper in her mouth, with no resistance from her.

When they arrived at the “church”, the lay minister told police she stepped out of the room and upon her return Sister C was bleeding from her eyes. Two eyeballs were found in the trash can only after the minister’s daughter had driven the sisters to the hospital. Sister C would later testify that her sisters did not maintain long fingernails, nor did they have any sharp objects with them. However, doctors stated on her admission sheet, that her eyes were removed by a ‘bilateral enucleation’ procedure. In other words,her eyes were removed with “clinical precision”.  Against Sister C’s wishes, the sisters were charged and convicted, but their ten-year sentences would later be suspended.

As a local college professor is quoted with saying: ‘In hoodoo lore, blinding is one way to rid a victim of a demon….The spirits ride the individual on the shoulders…to get the spirit to quit riding you as a horse, you would blind the horse.” He went on to say, “Usually, hoodooists are benign, acting almost like psychologists or physicians to rural clients who want evil spirits exorcised or prayers chanted to bring them divine good will.” 📿

Rising Above Mental/Emotional Clutter

Whether it’s in the Church, at hospitals with physicians, with psychologists in mental health facilities or at someone’s private practice, or even with the local Hoodoo or Voodoo practitioner, yes, all of us should seek out help but please, please. please consider the source! Aside from the Church, many are seeking alternative sources, but this does not exempt one from truly learning about and knowing themselves. When you don’t do the inner work to KNOW THYSELF, then it leaves room for others to take advantage of you. I’ve heard of women being raped by their pastors because the pastor convinced them a sexual interaction between the two of them would “release their demons”, which is furthest from the truth.

Again, everything that we go in life is not always a matter of spiritual warfare because sometimes the so-called demons you might find yourself battling, may not be “out there somewhere” but they are within you. Not having some come from an outside source, but a product of our personalities, our own past lives, our own karma. So perhaps those dark clouds sometimes resting over one’s soul at is really our innermost being – the God within – crying out for attention and awareness. It’s often our Higher Selves that are calling out to us to recognize who we are and why we were placed here (for such a time as this). Oftentimes, the solutions and answers are within – see Psalms 23 & Psalms 91. Although it seems so simple, oftentimes, its best to go somewhere out in nature and get quiet so you can hear (from within). For it is there, you can hear God for yourself and find rest and relief from your circumstances and find your true purpose in life. 🛌

“Nowadays, hospitals exist for physical bodies. But for the heart-broken, for depression, pain and sadness, there are not hospitals for that; there is only the ultimate spirituality, meditation, some kind of real clarity. It is required for each individual to pull the joy of satya (truth), dharma (right judgment), shanti (peace), and prema (love) in their soul in order to be able to demonstrate amazing things on the planet. Out of these four, if you have at least one, automatically the other three will come to you. You have to try it.” 🌌 🙏
~ Sri Kaleshwar (1973-2012), The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ, p. 6


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Per the, “Kundalini syndrome is a set of symptoms resulting from a near-death experience, intense trauma, prolonged meditation or yogic practice, nervous breakdowns, or some other form of spiritual emergency. Symptoms of this syndrome are also thought to result from kundalini awakening when it occurs unexpectedly or the proper precautions are not followed.”

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