Eighth Chakra (8th)

Location: Above the crown chakra
Color: Black, silver, ultraviolet
Associated Gland: Thymus
Energy Type: Spatial
Keyword: Time

Located about an inch above the crown chakra thus is apart of the AURA is the EIGHTH CHAKRA, which is often confused with the SOUL STAR CHAKRA although the two are closely related. The unnamed eighth chakra is the seat of time and timelessness as it relates to karma, soul relationships, and portals in and through the time/space continuum. It graciously provides access to all past knowledge, karmic memories, and access to other dimensions and times and serving as the key to our past-life emotions and physical experiences. Its yang element relates to how we live out our karma and its ying element holds memories and acts as our personal scribe.

Physically, it affects our sense of balance, time, and planning. Psychically, it serves as an access point to past-life information, present-life, alternative realities, and future timelines. Intuitively, its the place where our destiny is regulated and from where we can gain insights into past-life decisions and make better changes going forth.

If black in color, then it's the "portal" through which we absorb negative energies from people, places and things. From there, it gives easy access to our in-body chakras, opening the pathway for diseases, addictions, cravings, and the like. However, if shifted from black to silver or ultraviolet, it means we refrain from absorbing the energies of others and thus serves can see as a clear channel.


In a Nutshell:
  • Allows Divine Light to enter into one's energy field
  • Useful in activating/stimulating the in-body chakras
  • Access point gaining access to the:
    • Akashic Records (or the Book of Self) - everything that we've done, said or thought that remains undealt with (karma)
    • Book of Life - positive past and future-life perspectives
    • Shadow Records - what's never been done, said or thought
  • A valuable access point through which healing of chronic physical or emotional problems including diseases, addictions, and the like


How to  Work with the Eighth Chakra:
  • Set strong intentions in conjunction with guided visualizations to shift its color from black to ultraviolet
  • Process and release strong emotions and traumas
  • Eat healthy and pure foods - no sugar or salt


  • (Book)  The Complete Book of Chakra Healing by Cindi Dale (2nd ed.)