Associated with the beauty and essence of Storm, PIETERSITE is a powerful protection stone commonly known as the Tempest Stone.  Just as lightning clears the air and makes all things new, this symbol discharges negative energies and emotional turmoil, and cleanses the aura, restoring it to calm.

Purpose & Benefits:

  • Helpful when going through storms whether physically or emotionally; calms nerves and protects homes and businesses from storm damage
  • Acts as a shield against adverse effects of technology
  • Provides a united activation of the Third Eye, Sacral, and Solar Plexus Chakras
  • With the Third Eye Chakra, its creates a powerful increase in the energy of personal will and intuitive abilities
  • Grounds the body’s physical energy centers, not to the earth, but to etheric realms
  • Increases the focus on one’s aim in life
  • Enhances meditation, visionary, and telepathic powers
  • Allows spiritual journeying and access to the Akashic Records


  1. It has a dominant gold hues are often contrasted with deep blue-black, grey and brown, and clear areas.

Source: https://www.crystalvaults.com/crystal-encyclopedia/pietersite