Rutilated Quartz

RUTILATED QUARTZ is considered as The Guardian Angel stone with powerful cleansing and purifying energies across all chakras. It also amplifies your energy, thoughts, and programming for healing, so its vital to have pure intentions and positive thoughts will working with this stone. Furthermore, it cuts through the mental clutter, intensifies altered states of consciousness, and helps one align their intentions toward manifesting exactly what their truly desire. (Again, pure intentions and positive thoughts only!) Overall, this is a powerful stone that may be too strong for some to use/wear on a regular basis.

Purposes & Benefits:

  • Cleanses and purifies all chakras
  • Relives fears, phobias, anxiety, and self-sabotaging, thus promoting forgiveness on all levels
  • Can be easily programmed to your specific intentions
  • Combine with [itg-glossary glossary-id=”216″]Citrine[/itg-glossary] to create a powerful spiritual connection for manifesting your desires
  • Promotes spiritual growth by helping one to let go of negative energies
  • Provides protection from the ill-thoughts and ill-will of others toward you
  • During meditation, energizes the Higher Mind by opening Crown and Third Eye Chakras for clairvoyance, telepathy, and insight
  • A powerful stone for healing stone, amplifies the healing power of the healer thus infusing your etheric body with Divine light and healing the electromagnetic body
  • Health-wise, it aims in the removal of harmful toxins and parasites from  the body as well as balances the thyroid.


  • Clear or smokey quartz with metallic, copper, golden brown, reddish, blue/gray titanium fibers or black strands of Rutile.