Soul Star Chakra (9th)

Location: One arm's length above the head
Color: Gold or infrared
Associated Gland: Diaphragm
Energy Type: Radioactive
Keyword: Soul

Located about an arm's length above the head is the 9th chakra callled the SOUL STAR CHAKRA (or simply the Soul Chakra) and its associated with programming related to the soul and the self as its also considered "the seat of the soul". In might also be referred to in some places as the same as or different from the STELLAR GATEWAY chakra and is often times confused with the no-named 8th chakra.

The soul chakra comes as the next upper trans-personal chakra above the 8th chakra, which is about an inch above the crown chakra. It too is considered apart of the AURA linking up around the fourth auric layer. It works with the 8th chakra to clear karmic patterns once fully healed/transmuted. It further works with the EARTH STAR CHAKRA (or the 10th chakra - located 6" below the feet) in minimizing energetic overload and transmuting unwanted and excessive energies back into the Earth.

Physically, its connected to our preconception as well as oversees emotional and physical programming. Psychically, it communicates to us through synchronocities, such as symbols, archetypes, and adapted feelings/realities, that are unique to our basic beliefs. Intuitively, we can gain extensive knowledge about our soul and from here can heal any soul damage. Even though the eight chakra holds the key to past-life emotions and other timelines, realities, and dimensions, it is through the soul chakra that one can make permanent changes that clear karmic patterns once and for all.


In a Nutshell:
  • Communicates via images, archetypes, patterns, numbers and other symbols - think synchronocities
  • Useful to retrieving soul details as it relates to healing and insight.
    • Yang: Able to imprint and design the physical body and mold a life for the soul's journey
    • Yin: Able to channel energy from the Divine Souce for creatin and changing the soul itself - permanently correcting karmic patterns


How to Work with the NINTH CHAKRA:
  • "All healing must be locked into the ninth chakra to be completely integrated." (Dale, 2009, 74)
  • Resist the urge to always put others ahead of yourself and if you must put others first because you the caregiver for elderly parents, spouse, or children, please do not shy away from having or establishing a firm support system around you. In other words, minimize burnout by ASKING FOR HELP and don't neglect your own needs.



  • Also, Seat of the Soul, is the title of a popular book, written by Gary Zukav, discussing concepts for transforming human consciousness.
  • (Book) The Complete Book of Chakra Healing by Cindi Dale (2009)

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