Holistic Health Coaching

Health is not valued 'till sickness comes. ~Thomas Fuller

A holistic health coach is a trained professional who uses an integrative approach to both diet and lifestyle changes to improve their clients' health." (Source)

A holistic health coach helps his/her clients live in the present, rebuild the mind/body connection, and prioritize self-care for an overall healthier and happier life. They work as guides that assess one's nutritional patterns, fitness level, relationships, religious/spiritual beliefs, and the like. Thus holistic health look at the whole person - mind, body and spirit. So holistic health coaching is not a one size fits all. Everyone's needs are different. For example: One client might need help with body image because they develop the confidence to go to the gym or to attend public exercise classes. Another client might need help with managing his/her stress level to reduce emotional eating. On the other hand, another client might want to seek the ancient way of healing through herbalism in lieu of pharmaceutical drugs in partnership with their licensed healthcare provider.

Although holistic health and wellness coaches are knowledgeable in chosen health and wellness niche, we are not licensed nutritionists, registered dietitians, or certified personal trainers - unless crendentialed to offer such. Neither do holistic coaches serve as licensed health care providers; therefore, they do not engage in patient diagnosis, nor are they licensed therapists who treat or counsel those with mental illness, although some many offer life coaching services as a supplemental or complementary offering. Justl like a life coach, holistic health coaches encourage, consult and/or facilitate your choices and habits  that your overall wellness goals.


Benefits of Holistic Health Coaching:
  • Prioritize self-care against balancing a busy schedule thus providing you the necessary time, energy, and vitality to help/serve the important people without spreading yourself too thin
  • Retrain how you think about yourself and how you speak to yourself (when no one else is listening)
  • Establish a mind-body connection so you recognize any warning signs through pain, stress, and the like, which serve as indicators that something is out of alignment in your life
  • Overcome barriers - internally and externally, diffuse anxieties, identifyh misconeptions and help you get on (or get back on) as needed
  • Accountability, support, trust and comfort in a private, secure online environment with a coach that helps you design an individual wellness plan that's fun, flexible and based on your personal goals
What is Required Prior to, During, and After a Session?

The coaching process begins with signing up for a free, 15-30 minute, initial consultation. Not all initial consultations will lead to paid sessions; therefore, the purpose of this time, is for both parties to get a feel for the other. However, if you've previously signed up for other services, such as energy healing sessions or an intuitive reading, then you may be already familiar with her style/approach.

If future paid sessions are agreed upon, then meetings days, times, frequencies, contact methods (email, Skype, phone) and interests (holistic consultations + energy healing or private yoga sessions with or without meditation) can be decided upon.  Coaching clients should always anticipate homework assignments and thus should be prepared to review their findings and experiences during your actual coaching sessions. Missed meetings and missed assignments may count as completed paid sessions.

As a follow-up, we may reach out to you after you've completed a holistic health package to check up on your progress and offer words of encouragement.

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