Love yourSelf More…

My emotions were on High today but instead of suppressing them, I chose to address them.

It all started this morning with I opened up Twitter and came across: “Don’t write off a person who hurts you. If you do, the same suffering will come again, in another form.” (Source) Actually in the past five years, there has been a certain someone in my life that clearly fits such a description. That tweet sparked my interest because I really start to wonder: “Hum?!? Who [else] have I “written off”?” A number of people came to mind then I wondered – “Wait! What exactly does writing someone off truly mean anyway?” As a Libra [Sun], isn’t it fair to continue to allow someone to mistake your kindness for weakness? Aren’t some people suppose to be “cut off” – or at least – kept at a distance based on their own mismatched or self-limiting thoughts, beliefs or actions towards others?

Taking Care of yourSelf

Transitioning from 2014 into 2015, I told the Universe that I would no longer engage in petty arguments [drama] with the aforementioned person. Three months later, the Universe not only confirmed its agreement but also “up the ante” by telling me to avoid the very state (USA) that person lived in. I had been going out of my way to visit that state since relocating from it about seven years earlier. The visits eventually began to take a toll on me emotionally, physically and financially. Being the Libra that I was, I couldn’t see this without divine insight. So to follow such Universal guidance meant I would need to “cut off” my own relatives – some of which I had known my entire life while others I had only met in recent years. The Universe was clearly forewarning me that I needed to detach from low-vibrational entities regardless of their form, so DNA relations didn’t matter. Basically, I was to refocus my energy on Self-care and let the drama stay with those who love to eat the fruit thereof.

Being a working single mother was stressful enough plus at that time I had endured an illness for the past three years or so and it wasn’t “healing on its own” as the doctors said it should. It just stay there lingering as if it truly had me beat. By this point, I started to worry and began questioning my medical personnel asking one of them point blank: “Is this stress related?” I’m happy to report that by heeding Spirit’s direction, that illness was gone by the end of that same year.  Oh but wait – I wasn’t off the hook just yet because the God/Universe wasn’t done working on me. I still had other areas that needed “clearing up” [healing] too. In other words, I still had more “inner work” to undergo.

What’s a Mad Libra to do…

As a Libra, I have my strengths – fairness, loyalty, and kindness – along with some weaknesses too – like self-pity, overthinking, and conflict avoider. Yet when it comes to sometimes trusting others and not knowing when to let go, then I’m guilty as charged. I’ve since learned how to “read” people first and and if their motives aren’t pure, then I may say goodbye [silently] while telling doubt to shut the hell up as I exit. But seriously, it takes a lot for me to distance myself from someone or worse to permanently cut them out of my life. Sometimes people don’t understand that I need space to regroup with my own “overthinking” ways.  But usually, when I “officially” let someone, some place, or something go, its because I’ve tolerated that/their/its level of behavior (or location) for far too long in hopes that it would “fix itself”. So whoever said “The Libra’s ability to detach make them cold, heartless, and blind in the worst way” knows me – or should I say us Libras – all to well. (Source)

But to forewarn you non-Libras (Source):

  • Libras don’t like drama and will be quick to cut someone off for it. There won’t be any debate; it will just be signed, sealed, and delivered.
  • It takes a lot for a Libra to stop talking to someone. When they do, they cut ties for good and there is no changing that.
  • As a Libra when you don’t like or trust someone, you tend to avoid them and just won’t give them the time of day.
  • [A] Libra’s Mentality: “I always see both sides of the story because I know that some people are just full of sh*t.”

The Spiritual Write-Off

I once had a university police officer tell me when I stopped at the information booth for a temporary parking pass: “Don’t ever move [relocate] to get away from someone!” He meant that if you haven’t dealt with the roots of why that person seems to “get under your skin” then physically moving elsewhere will not resolve the underlying issue(s) within itself. Instead that issue(s) may follow you into your new location and this exactly what happened to me. I wanted out of Mississippi so I physically moved to different state in 2007 via a job offer. I thought I was putting my past behind by getting away from it all. Yet, five years later, I inadvertently let “that same [kind of] suffering back into my life – see How Not to Attract a Male Jezebel.

So when it comes to not attracting “the same [kind of] suffering,” I have since come to the conclusion that it requires more than just physically walking away and never speaking to someone again. My certain someone had reentered my life in 2012 – because I encouraged it. That reconnect turned out to be a repeat of my childhood experiences. I hadn’t dealt with the issue(s) that had me wanting to get far away from my Jezebel. So I ultimately learned that to truly write someone off – without karmic repercussions – requires “facing your shadows” – not necessarily with them but with/within yourSelf.

Start by asking yourSelf:

  1. Why have I allowed this person/circumstance/situation back into my life or why have I returned this place?
  2. Have I firmly addressed any issues or problems areas that initially attracted this person, place, or thing into my life?
  3. Has each of these areas been properly healed/released?
  4. Have I firmly disconnected any [soul] ties by severing any and all spiritually energetic cords between myself and them on all levels, planes, and dimensions?
  5. Have I returned the “negative” energy from them back to them – hopefully in its purest form?
  6. Have I called back [restored] my “lost energy” from them, having it return in its purest form?
  7. Have I truly forgiven that person, place or thing not for their sake but for my own FREEdom?

In other words, you must face, forgive and sever any karmic ties (in the spirit realm) that initially bound you to that person, place or thing.

It is impossible to determine where you need to go in relationships, without continuously learning and unconditionally accepting who you are at all times. Self-love is your compass; without it, you are lost.” (Living in the Grown Zone (2004) by Zara Green & Alfred Edmond, Jr, p. 92)

The key is to make sure that karmic releasing is apart of your “writing someone off” process. Since everything happens for a reason, the best way to free yourSelf, to show love to yourSelf is divinely love them from a distance even if that distance is across the street or from two different sides of the world.

Love yourSelf more!!!

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