Manifesting Gone Awry

In recent weeks, I’ve encountered a number of people who have set in motion some HARD LESSONS for themselves. What do I mean? Well, they’ve been too busy trying to rush their destinies into manifestation which – in the end – spells PAIN, SUFFERING, and a host of UNEXPECTED TROUBLES. In other words, they’ve somehow surmised that the Heavens must either be ignoring them or perhaps is preoccupied with more important cases. Unfortunately, such erroneous thinking could lead one to say: “Well okay God! Since I haven’t heard from you, I’m gonna take over the wheel now. Let’s see if I can speed this along. May I?!?” CRASH!!! 💔 🤕 Now, in the process of trying to “help God out,” all you’ve done is created an even BIGGER MESS than if they had just been patient and waited on Spirit.

Not to mention that this year alone has had a vast number of planets in retrograde thus creating conflicting energies that have wrong decisions looking right and right decisions looking wrong. This is even more so the case if whatever one is trying to “push along” is already moving upon a faulty foundation. According to, “2018 is a veritable minefield of retrogrades, with five planets in apparent backward motion by August and more coming in the Fall.” (Source) In case you aren’t familiar with retrogrades, “retrograde motion is an APPARENT change in the movement of the planet through the sky. It is not REAL in that the planet does not physically start moving backward in its orbit. It just appears to do so because of the relative positions of the planet and Earth and how they are moving around the Sun. ” (Source) Simply stated: Retrogrades are all about optical illusions, especially when looking without instead of within. 👁

In other words, if you don’t know the truth within yourself, then you might fall for the optical illusion out in front of you. In such unstable conditions, anyone looking for a microwave blessing is sure to be “tricked” into choosing something that later produces unfair conditions (once the illusion is over). Impatience – in this latest series of retrogrades – can produce long-term problems and other issues that could easily stick around until death. Now, I don’t say any of this to scare anyone but with HARD LESSONS, COME HARD TRUTHS. As of late, the issues I’ve been seeing are centered around me people “not counting the cost” in their relationships, just acting on whims. In other words, they wanted what they wanted when they wanted it but oh  💩 if they get it and it’s more than they bargained for…🎆!  Despite the fact that decisions made during turbulent times are like pushing a boulder uphill because it ultimately causes undue stress on you – physically, financially, emotionally, etc., it also creates problems for those around you, who also become entangled in your mess. 🙁

NEED A DOMINO EXAMPLE? Well, two people come together to form an unequally-yoked, emotionally, financially, or physically volatile, non-marital union, followed by an “unplanned” pregnancy (or a planned adoption) hoping it will save their relationship and thus lock the other partner in for the long haul. Now if he or she doesn’t walk away, then the two of them might decide to continue their train wreck of a relationship and proceed with getting married. You know – for the sake of the child and all. 👪 Then also for the sake of the child(-ren), both parties remain in said hostile or volatile marriage, setting great examples for said child(-ren) on what a marriage “shouldn’t” look like, only to turn around and set another great example of what an ugly divorce “should” look like.

In the end, both partners might hate one another, especially if one is “stuck” with paying the other for both spousal and child support. Let’s stop here: Can you see now why some partners feel trapped and unfortunately resort to killing their own spouse and children? It’s a sad domino effect, a harsh gamble to take with some many lives involved. 🎲 Yet the RED FLAGS (🚩) were there from the start plus the astrological climate often backs up that the conditions are not right for such. Yet we want what we want so we ignore our own inner GPS and continue deeper down a dark hole of pain, suffering and confusion.

But not all hope is lost if you face your HARD TRUTH head on and deal with the consequences that follow without blame, shame, fussing and fighting, etc. But know for sure that it will be a hard ride if you find yourself in such a predicament. Using the boulder example from earlier, it doesn’t matter if you get to the top of the hill or not. Its the fact that you’re having to operate in your own strength to get there in the first place. You’re having to prematurely utilize energy conserved for another part of the journey now instead of later. Instead of waiting your turn and allowing Spirit and your entire spiritual team to do the “heavy lifting”, you’ve opted to bypass them and exert your own energy to make it happen. Unfortunately, impatience has created even longer delays, detours, or struggles, heartaches, and more in the manifestation of your destiny. Sometimes its almost like we are subconsciously derailing our destiny because we’re too afraid to face it.

All of this is precisely why one must be discerning at all times and with all people, things, and circumstances. To do this, each of us must be willing to let go of our own inhibitions and instead trust Spirit (and our spiritual team) to set the RIGHT PATH in motion. So when the heavens send us signs along with warnings via dreams, visions, premonitions, synchronicities, and the like, as an indication that we are about to make a decision that’s in conflict to what they are already doing, then we should seriously take heed and follow them direction accordingly. We tend to have selective hearing when Spirit and/or even the people in our lives who help us make sound decisions. Why? Its when we don’t listen that we create problems for ourselves.  Its when we have people around us that can “see clearly” and we still don’t listen that we create problems for ourselves. Its when we choose to listen to our lower self (ego) instead of our Higher Self (spirit) that we undergo HARD LESSONS.  What’s that old American South saying: “A hard head makes a soft behind.” In case you are unfamiliar with that saying, it “refers to the fact that a person that does not listen to reason is going to have a tough life. Often a person that insists on making their own mistakes rather than listen to sage advice….(Source)

All of this boils down to one not understanding the power of their own minds and its ability to bring into existence the RIGHT THINGS and not the wrong things. I’m talking about the power of manifestation. One can easily pray for a child only to realize after the fact that the vessel through which you co-created is someone with ill intents and thus may make your life and your child(-ren) lives a living hell perhaps until they are of age. Think in terms of love bombing and trap babies – that’s what I’m talking about.

At this time, in this current spiritual climate, Spirit is calling many of us to OVER-STAND and INNER-STAND ourselves which will trickle down to the decisions we make. There is little time for “err” (or errors) or excessive detours right now.  The window of opportunity for the Collective is in motion NOW yet it may take a few more years to openly manifest. Be patient! Now is surely not the time to manifest demons instead of angels into our lives. 💗

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