Spiritual Life Coaching

"Here is the test to find out whether your mission on Earth is finished: If you're alive, it isn't."
~Richard Bach

A life coach is a person who motivates others in the achievement of personal (or professional) objectives such as choosing or changing careers, improving relationships, setting goals, and determining priorities." (Source)

Life coaches are not licensed health care providers, nor do we provide legal or medical advice or engage in patient diagnosis. Neither do we treat or otherwise counsel those with mental illness. We are not physicians, attorneys, counselors, therapists or the like. As a life coach, our role - in its most simple form - is to encourage, coach and/or act as a facilitator of our client’s self-reflection, decision making, and planning.

While counselors or therapists deal with a patient’s mental/emotional conditions and/or past circumstances or trauma, a life coach never addresses such issues. A life coach works with clients to assess current life circumstances and make plans for change toward future goals. The past is only used as a reflection tool to help determine future goals. Thus life coaching is future focused and action-oriented. Life coaches are obligated to refer clients in need of mental or physical health therapy to an appropriate licensed professional.

However, a spiritual life coach is not a regular life coach since they are often trained in and/or utilize alternative healing modalities, such as meditation, Reiki, chakra healing, aura healing, and crystal healing, often incorporating them into their life coaching practices.

A spiritual life coach lives their own lives in alignment with spiritual principles/Universal law ultimately producing a life of "expected ends" (happiness & miracles). By identifying and uprooting stagnant or incorrect beliefs or practices inhibiting your ability to live a purposeful and meaningful life, a spiritual life coach helps you identify your life's purpose by getting in touch with your Higher Self (or your "inner YOU") and grow deeper in your relationship with the Creator (the Divine, Source, God). Most importantly, a spiritual life coach can help you trust yourself and your intuition ("inner wisdom") for a divinely-aligned life of peace, love, wholeness, and purpose.


Benefits of Spiritual Life Coaching:
  • Assess and explore your current position in life (YOU ARE HERE!)
  • Discern your environment to better understand events from a spiritual perspective (WHAT IS GOING ON & WHY?)
  • Clarity of mind and your life's direction & your divine purpose. (I DESIRE...)
  • Eliminates self-limiting beliefs and insecurities that keep you stuck and in a rut. (I CAN'T...)
  • Clear out any outdated programming and emotional/energetic blockages inhibiting your success (I DON'T KNOW HOW...)
  • If necessary, action-focused goals, strategies, and techniques for your life's direction. (MY HEART'S DESIRE IS...)
  • Accountability, support, trust and comfort in a private, secure environment with a coach/mentor conductive for healing and growth (I AM...)
What is Required Prior to, During, and After a Session?

The coaching process begins with signing up for a free, 15-30 minute, initial consultation. Not all initial consultations will lead to paid sessions with Dr. Jaketha; therefore, the purpose of this time, is for both parties to get a feel for the other. However, if you've previously signed up for other services, such as energy healing sessions or an intuitive reading, with Dr. Jaketha, then you may be already familiar with her style/approach. If future paid sessions are agreed upon, then meetings days, times, frequencies, and methods (email, Skype, phone) can be decided upon.  Coaching clients can anticipate having homework assignments between session meetings and should be prepared to review their findings during actual coaching sessions with Dr. Jaketha. Missed meetings and missed assignments may count as completed paid sessions. At the conclusion of all sessions, Dr. Jaketha may contact you via email to follow-up with your progress.


Life Coaching: Helping You Honor Yourself