Are You Spiritually Protecting yourSELF?

For the conflict is not only with flesh and blood, but also with the angels, and with powers, and rules of this world of darkness, and with evil spirits under the heavens.1

For the past 20 years or so, I’ve worked in the information technology field. Lawd, have mercy on us as it relates to how things have evolved with both hardware and especially software. In this post, please bear with me as I make an analogy between the physical world of computers and the spiritual world of energy, vibration, and frequency and its effect on man. Forsee, it takes this “inner”-standing between the two worlds for helping one discern the importance of continuously protecting oneself in the times in which we live. In this age, you can no longer afford not to protect your overall well-being.

Need Software?

Back in the day, software came on several 5.25″ or 3.5″ floppy discs. As the years went by, programs were consolidated to say a single compact disc (or CD). Today, software, for the most part, must be downloaded from the Internet onto your computer, laptop, smartphone, etc. But – say a good 20 years back, think in terms of the DOS Shell for like Windows 95 – if one wanted to install a word processing application like WordPerfect, it took several hours.

First off, the installation packet contained like 25 3.5″ floppies. I kid you not! To begin the process, you would load (or open) DOS and type the appropriate install command. When prompted, you would insert Disc 1 of say 25, then you wait. The next prompt – “Insert the next disk…” appeared and you’d continue the process (Disc 2, 3, 4…). Lord forbid if EVEN ONE of those disks had a bad sector or was entirely corrupt. Talking about someone being mad if this happened near the end. 😡 If I recall correctly, you couldn’t always abort (or cancel) the process, you sometimes had to reverse the entire process by inserting the previous disk. Talk about time-consuming, child!!! Thankfully in the organization, I worked for at that time, we had several sets of disks for the said program. That way, if one turned out too bad, there was always a chance we would have another one that was good.

CDs came after diskettes. At that time, computer software was fully loaded onto a “round shiny thing”2 which deceased the install process from several hours to a matter of minutes. With a single CD, once could – in no time – now install a program on multiple devices.3 Not to mention, even if the software license said two installs only, many would share their programs with their family, friends, etc., which introduces software piracy. People started making boot-legged copies of original CDs and selling license keys to the point that the big vendors said ENOUGH! This is largely why the availability of software has transitioned onto the World Wide Web but now, that’s a catch! 🎣

Today, vendors like Adobe Systems Inc., and Microsoft Corporation have done away with providing their most popular programs on CD. Now, a customer must visit the company’s website, provide a valid credit/debit card or a linked bank account to sign up for a subscription to say Adobe Photoshop. Now, one must pay for either a monthly or an annual single-user license. Only then, can one download and install the preferred program(s) onto a single device. Instead of paying a single fee for say a Microsoft Office 2010 CD, now one may download the appropriate “app” from the Microsoft Store. This transition issued in the means through which the big vendors can more easily control access to their program suites. In doing so, they literally hold the keys (🔑) to decide when you’ll move to the newest version of their software offerings. Yes, with a subscription,  subscribers are sometimes automatically moved to the new software version upon itarget=”_blank”ts released – think moving from Office 2010 to 2013 to 2016 & Office365 to Office 2019.

Virus Alert

Even when it comes to protecting your computer’s hard drive, there’s been huge advances in how one goes about protecting it from attacks. This is largely due to the Internet being made available to the masses. But back in the day, you could easily spend a few dollars on an antivirus (AV) protection CD that covered multiple computers and whose subscription lasted for say three years. (Yes beloved, AV is still sold via CD, as it should be but I don’t have time to elaborate on that.) Today, to use the World Wide Web, you need more than just BASIC AV PROTECTION. Oh no!! Now, you need a stronger layer – a higher grade of protection. You need AV + Internet security protection to deter, detect, and protect you from malware. Wait, what? What’s malware? Its an acronym for MALicious softWARE.🐛 It’s software with malicious intent. 🔙 Let’s read that last line again for the people in the back of the auditorium (📢). IT’S SOFTWARE WITH A MALICIOUS INTENT! 👿

Back in the day, viruses were simply nuisances that could easily be cleaned up. Early on at my current employer, someone called me screaming about cockroaches crawling all over their computer screen. At first, I was wondering why the hell she was calling me instead of Maintenance regarding her insect issue, but I’d later discover it was a virus instead. That particular virus involved beetles – not cockroaches – appearing out of nowhere and eating her display (or GUI).  Once they were done, she was left with a black desktop. Restarting the computer would restore the desktop but who wants to keep doing that. Cleaning up things like that wasn’t fun but at least it was doable. I could clean that up in no time. OH BUT NOW…malware isn’t just after attacking a single computer. Its maliciously attacking entire networks.

Hackers have stepped up their games tremendously over the years. Now, they’re attacking entire company systems, entire databases. No one is safe. They’ve been going after and will continue to go after customer databases for hotels, city governments, big retailers, banks, libraries, etc. NO ONE IS SAFE ANYMORE. Now, hackers want to steal identities – names, addresses, debit/credit card info, DOBs, social security numbers, etc., on a large scale. Although AV protection can deter such attempts, malware of this nature, was designed to work in stealth mode. This type of malware works to fool even the protection software from detecting it.

For example, Someone on their office computer could click a link in their personal email that ultimately downloads a rogue virus that installs itself on their office machine. From there, its purpose is to quickly run in the background while searching for a bigger game on a company’s network – say a server. Once found, it quietly installs portions of its “sickness”, then waits. It’s waiting on a signal to complete the process. The wait time could be days, hours, weeks, months or even years. Once the signal is given, the malware quickly works to overpower the protection software. Don’t get me wrong! It’s necessary to have antivirus, Internet security, and firewalls and what not. Don’t make it easy for them! But once the malware – if effective – fully kicks in, the ultimate purpose is to hijack all or part of an organization’s databases, making it inaccessible to the people who manage it. The only way to regain access that one’s data is to pay the ransom (or ignore it if you have safeguards in place such as daily system backups.) This latter method is known as ransomware. It’s a dirty game ya’ll.


Just like in the natural world, in the spirit realm – which is unseen to the naked eye, there are hackers too. Actually, all of us have served as a spiritual hacker at some point in our lives. As babies, we demanded unlimited access to the time and energy of our parents or caregivers, right? But as adults, we shouldn’t still be “preying” on others. Preying meaning being manipulative, dominating, or intimidating of the time and energy of others just to suit our needs without regard to their needs. Sometimes people of all ages unknowingly serve as spiritual hackers for others. Sometimes this is due to unhealed wounds and memories. Unfortunately, this provides a gateway, a portal for those who actively serve as spiritual hackers to gain entry. Active hackers know what they are doing. They know what they are after as they scoping out of their victims. They are looking for weaknesses and frailties that they can use to gain entry so they can rob you of joy, happiness, peace of mind and the like.

Something as simple as a tear in one’s auric field is enough for spiritual parasites that have been programmed with evil intent to gain entry to you energetically then physically. Haven’t you heard that most – if not all – physical diseases and ailments originate from the spiritual realm long before symptoms manifested in your physical body? Unfortunately, the Christian Church has taught everyone that we should only protect ourselves from Satan. I’m not even going to discuss that here as its covered in my forthcoming book, The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing. Yet, one can’t protect themselves if they don’t know who their REAL ENEMY is. The modern-day misunderstanding of Satan is what makes many vulnerable to spiritual attacks in the first place.

In a previous post, When Darkness Prevails, I shared about living in an apartment below a male who physically abused his girlfriend on a regular basis. Back then, all I knew how to do was blamed the Devil (and the apartment complex management) for allowing such evilness to move in. Back then, I didn’t know the significance of energies, frequencies, and vibrations, although I had been fighting them my entire life. I didn’t fully understand how the negative energy of my neighbor was overtaking me. I had no clue about the need to or even how to shield or protect myself from the evilness around me. Putting on the Whole Armour of God as outlined in Ephesians Chapter 6, didn’t seem to be working as I got sicker and sicker from living under such low-level energy. Back then, I didn’t know how to visualize a super-strong shield of protection around myself and my apartment. One that would allow negative energies to escape but keep the same energies from gaining entry if coming from outsiders. Instead, I spent huge chunks of my life, suffering in silence.

In these days, none of us can afford to ignore how the Universe works. The veil is thinning and the Truth is being revealed. Its time to do the shadow work and heal ourselves. Frankly, Jesus was an example. His “work on the cross” does not exempt you from doing your own work and bearing your own cross. In doing so, we can get rightly aligned with our Higher Selves. We could open and maintain that connection plus establish one with our spiritual team.4 Based on the spiritual climate in which we all live, its far past time to ensure that you have spiritually installed multi-layers of protection around your soul and physical body. Yes, sir, the spiritual hackers are becoming bolder and bolder; therefore, you and I can’t afford to live under their influence, which robs of the ability to truly living our best life.🤗

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[2] I kid you know a phrase spoken to me via a telephone conversation. A front-facing staff member was standing in front of a customer as she told me “the round shiny thing was stuck in the computer….” Basically, someone had inserted the CD in a crack or crevice without opening the actual CD player. Please don’t ask me how. 😂
[3] Home computer, laptop, a friend’s computer, etc.
[4] Angels, ancestors, spirit guides, and the like.

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