JAKETHA’S NEW BOOK – Coming in 2020…

Presented by Guard Your Heart Press & The Divinely Preserved Healer

Dear Future Reader:

In case you’re wondering, my new book, The House of Jezebel, is due to hit bookshelves (virtually and in stores) in 2020. With that said, please allow me a few moments to explain what this book is about, and why you should consider pre-ordering it.

As a small child wondering where God was in the midst of my pain and suffering, The House of Jezebel: Fulfilling Destiny in Spite of Your Upbringing delves into the meaning of life, speaking to those raised in – and still trying to overcome – a narcissistic family environment where a Jezebel sat at the helm. In this book, the author takes a metaphysical view of the Spirit of Jezebel explaining how it underminds the consciousness of today’s modern family.

As you progress from chapter to chapter, the author unmasks the energetic roots of such an evil spirit, along with revealing how “Baal worship” is secretly hidden in every facet of our lives whether we know it or not. Pulling back the curtain in a way few pastors would ever dare, The House of Jezebel aims to shed an esoteric light on how Jezebels – especially those hidden in the Christian Church – secure their victims. No one is safe from the grip of Jezebel! But NOW the “age” (of Aquarius) has arrived in which such hidden works shall soon be exposed to all.

NOW is the time for the people of the Universal God to become fully free in their hearts and minds for the fulfillment in this lifetime or upon the next generation. Reading this book will surely challenge the theological beliefs of the past 2000 years (or the last age of fish / Pisces). So buckle your seatbelt, Alice, and let’s take a trip down the rabbit hole into the Matrix of Consciousness.

~Jaketha Farmer, Author