What Your Light Attracts

Growing up in the house of Jezebel, I recall a strange summertime ritual that she faithfully adopted year after year.  Every night, she would plug in a huge bug zapper that hung near the end of the carport. Then every morning, we’d wake up to find dozens if not hundreds of insects having met their demise. Of course, at night, flying insects are attracted to light whether it’s artificial or not.  Actually, one source confirms: “Artificial lights attract moths, flies, crane flies, mayflies, beetles and other sorts of insects.”1

It goes on to explain how “artificial light is a cruel trick” as it “obstruct[s] the natural moonlight, making it harder for insects to find their way.” It goes on to say:  “Once an insect flies close enough to a light bulb, it attempts to navigate by way of the artificial light, rather than the moon.” In other words: “unnatural sources of light interfere with their internal navigation systems. Before the introduction of artificial lights, nocturnal insects such as most moths evolved to use natural light sources such as the moon or stars to navigate. These insects navigate by keeping themselves aligned at a certain angle relative to a light source.”2

Now, of course, in the American South during the summertime, mosquitoes are a big nuisance – and this was no different back then. So in an effort to combat them – aside from always emptying standing pools of water, she used this bug “electrocution chamber” of sorts to take care of them along with a host of other “innocent and confused” insects. Now don’t get me wrong. Such a device has a purpose; however, the kicker is that she wanted that zapper turned on every single night, all night long. SERIOUSLY!?! Mind you, no one was outside ALL NIGHT to be bothered by bugs. So, what was the purpose?  Yet like clockwork before bed, the zapper was plugged in, Then every morning, someone would be tasked with having to sweep away the bodies of the deceased. ☠ But why?  😭

Serving As A Light for Others

In a previous post entitled Why Did I Choose This?, I questioned why I deliberately chose my current incarnation. Well, this weekend, I got a bit of a revelation about why. As I have previously shared, I am a Life Path 5 and typically we are here to heal our throat chakra by sharing our life experiences with others to help them find freedom too.  As such, whenever I am in alignment with my life path, I might express myself as “fearless, an  agent of change, joy(-ous), and adventurous.” Yet whenever, I am out of alignment, I might appear as “fearful, depressed, stagnant, and easily overwhelmed.”3 Well, this past weekend, brought me much of the latter. Thank you, Full Moon, in Sagittarius, for the emotional roller coaster.  ♐

So, this is what I came to a full realization about. Throughout my entire life, I’m often (Universally) placed (or positioned) in or with individuals, groups, families, workplaces, and the like, in which there is an existing deeply-rooted conflict between two or more parties. As I will be shared in my book, The House of Jezebel, in my own family of origin, the conflict lie between my Jezebel and my mother. Their issues originated during my mom’s childhood years.  Then there was the showdown involving another student and Ms. Barbara, my kindergarten teacher. In another case – well actually in another two cases, I found myself stuck in conflicts between a father and daughter. Other cases include employee conflicts – I will never forget you, Charlene, whereas others have involved formal and informal coaching sessions with a current or former spouse. In every case, there were deeper roots beneath the surface that had nothing to do with me. I may have become apart of the fruit of the issue by my very presence but I was not present when the issue was seeded, planted, and I surely wasn’t deliberately watering it, but I always seem to shed light on it.  🌞 My presence served as the light that exposed whatever had been (or was currently) lurking below the surface. It’s always what I’ve done without having to do anything really.

Please Don’t Crucify the Light-bearer!

Depending on how deeply-rooted the issue was/is when at least one party wants out altogether or doesn’t want to heal at all, this is when my light is misused or abused. In some cases, I  become the target – “dragged into someone else’s drama” and blamed as the “true” source.  All because my presence has shed light on an already unflattering situation that nobody wants to see or have exposed. It’s called making the light-bearer the smokescreen for their blame of another. Whenever this happens, it’s a clear sign to me that the hurt runs deep and that at least one party is obviously not ready, willing, or able to finally and fully confront the matter, as to heal and move on. In other words, people like this are attracted to my light because I can provide a listening ear; however, their need to draw near me is not because they want to heal or be restoration, but are they to drain and/or complain, throwing a pity party of one. In such cases, it’s because they have allowed their own light [within] to grow dim or perhaps, it’s somehow become overshadowed by the circumstances. Nevertheless, we all have a light within us. Just as we are all One, having originated from the same Source (God) of All. So be careful when others repeatedly emphasize how “like attracts like” or “light attracts light” because not all are attracted to you will be on the same (high) frequency. Even those of a lower frequency can see your spiritual light and may see you as a safe haven. Yet we must not allow them to excessively use and abuse us regardless of need. So, the next time you are wondering about someone in your life, someone who has become “attracted to your light”, ask yourself: Why are they really here? If it’s in the highest good of all and you can help them see their own light within, then wonderful. 💡 Hold space for them until they are ready to be their own light and perhaps shine their light for others; otherwise, let them get burnt.  🔥

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