While You Wait…

Surely, I’m not the only one clinging to the familiar when it comes to pursuing their soul’s mission versus attending to everyday responsibilities. Now am I?!?

The typical hustle for our daily bread is what the majority of us focus on day in and day out and with good reasons. Keeping a roof over our heads, having the means to come and go (transportation), food to eat, and clothes on our back, go to jobs we love (or hate), are all necessities of a comfortable life.  Now of course, with our natural eyes, this route appears to be the best option. In the Western World, we may call it our only option. This ties with what many of us were taught growing up – to follow the Matrix way of living and being:

  1. Go to college
  2. Get married
  3. Buy a house
  4. Start a family
  5. Get a good job.
  6. Retire and live happily ever after. Or if all else fails like divorce, job termination, etc., then return to the top of the list and repeat.

For many, although we follow it, it doesn’t satisfy some of us. We are of the minority who long for more. Who believes deep within that there’s more to life than this daily grind and if we must grind like this, can I at least enjoy it? You know who you are. You hate getting out of bed. Your soul cries during your morning or evening commute. Even when you are at work, you wish you were at home (or somewhere else of interest) and when you are home, you already regretting having to get to work the following day. Its mentally draining, yet you do it out of necessity, right?!? You keep telling yourself: “But I have bills to pay…” 😩 Yet, in the midst of it all, its so easy to become numb to the whispers of Spirit, calling out to us, answering our pleads for more purpose, passion, intention, etc. Yes, Spirit has been quietly whispering that there is more and when “it’s” ready, you will be ready but only when the time is right. Only then will it appear.

Surely, I’m not the only one who’s gotten divine dreams or had other synchronicities serve as calling cards from the Divine to divert my attention for a moment to the MORE in store for me. Surely, I am not the only one hearing something like: “Get ready because ‘we’ are preparing something quite beautiful for you, my beloved! But only if you’re open to receiving it, shall it come. And when it does, your whole world will be turned upside down (but in a good way)!”

YES! YES! YES! Perhaps the tears of joy start to flow as we (or our souls) plead fully screams: “FINALLY! WHEN?!?” 😂 Then absolutely nothing happens. The heavens become eerily silent. 🔇 So you wait and wait, and wait, and wait. 😭 But nothing seems to be happening and the discouragement slowly but surely creeps back in. You may even begin to question if it was all in your head, second guessing if you can even hear from Spirit or maybe it was your ego talking. Well to you I say: “No beloved, you heard correctly. But now, its a matter of diving timing before your dreams will manifest. In the meantime, be patience, prepare, and wait your turn.”

There’s often a waiting time before that which we desire makes its debut. For many of us, that waiting game is torture but it builds spiritual and emotional muscles like patience, humility, etc. So yes beloved, divine timing involves “waiting our turn”.  Then one day, signs of a new opportunity, a new choice, or a new change start to appear. For some, because it’s been such a long wait, we might panic. and say: “But wait, I’m not ready!” As our spiritual team sits back and chuckles wanting to know: “Oh but what happened to all that excitement? Why are insisting on hiding now? ” Your rebuttal: “But, I’m not ready. I need more time.” But Spirit bellows in and says: “Oh but you are ready, my dear. Oh yes, you are.” 🚀

Isn’t it funny how we have all of these desires, hopes, and dreams, but once the signs begin to appear, we become frightened and retreat from the spotlight, right? Yet at the moment the tables turn and instead of us waiting on Spirit, Spirit is patiently waiting on us. But, I’m here to inform you (and I) that it’s time for us to get out of our own way. It’s time for us to let go of the familiar and accept the new being extended to us, which opens the windows of opportunities. ✅

As is often customary with Spirit, two numbers caught my attention within the first 24 hours of my writing this post. One was Angel Number 557, which focuses on “making bold choices and changes in your life,” while the other was Angel Number 2220, which deals with “Diving Timing“. 🤔 For the latter number, it serves as a confirmation for why the wait time is necessary. “Certain aspects and factors need to fall into place before your desired result can come to fruition so be patient whilst things are being organized behind the scenes by your angels and the Universal Energies….hold onto your faith and trust and be patient a little while longer. Trust that you will achieve your desired results and outcomes.” (Source) 🙋

So when the time is ripe, “Angel Number 557 brings a message about making bold choices and changes in your life… Your angels are calling to fully open your heart, to speak and act with kindness and love, and to honor your heightened sensitivity…tells of opportunities for you to expand your consciousness and spiritual awareness by meditating, taking time to go within, listening to your intuition and following angelic guidance. Keep a strong, clear connection with your personal spirituality and the angelic realm.” (Source) 🌌

All of which means to do the background or foundational work on your dream while you wait. But this time also stay connected to your spiritual team so you don’t miss any updates or spiritual downloads.  For when the time arrives, you’ll be ready, willing, and able to do step out in full confidence that the Universe paved the way and fully has your back. 💚

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