Why I Quit Church? (Part 2)

With the holiday season in high gear, I can’t help but be reminded – once again – of why I quit the church. No matter where you look there’s either a full-size nativity scene (with or without live characters) or lighted Christmas decorations and yard signs that read “Don’t take Christ out of Christmas!” and “Jesus is the Reason for the Season!” And you’re probably be deemed as “a shepherd for the Devil” if you mistakenly say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”. 👿 Now don’t get me wrong – for many, it’s quite a “joyous” time of the year. But for others, it’s an overwhelming emotional burden that leaves them dreading the season that starts soon after Halloween and into the New Year.

As of late, the energetic shift for this timeframe means I usually fall somewhere in between. However, I do dread encountering boatloads of people in stores that I regularly visit as they rush to spend their hard-earned money on unwanted gifts that are often returned (or exchanged) the day after (or worse, are thrown in the thrift store pile). Actually, if it wasn’t for the decorations, I probably wouldn’t recognize when a holiday was approaching. WAIT! 🚥 I take that back – my LO would let know because there’s a house near a popular intersection that’s decorated to the 9s EVERY HOLIDAY!🏠 So I’d force to be “holiday aware”. 🎅🐰

But oh boy, how things have changed over the years. I went from being the one resisting celebrating any pagan holidays, especially Christmas and Easter –  oops, I meant to say Resurrection Sunday – and sometimes condemning those who did – to now being apart of the “WHATEVER! ✋” section. Another way of looking at it is that I’ve slowly adopted a Zero Fucks [Given] (0FG) mindset – and I probably should consider buying a shirt that says just that.

Evolving into such didn’t happen overnight. Even though I had my views on “sacred” holidays, my problem was that I cared too much. I was the one always putting the wants and needs of everyone else before myself. Even if it meant wearing myself out and fighting off sickness in my own body all the time simply because I can’t say “No”. In case you’re wondering how this 0FG life works, it’s actually a bit of an oxymoron. So if you never heard of someone saying that they “give zero fucks” or “give no fucks”, let help you to gain some overstanding.

According to Urban Dictionary, zero fucks given is defined as:

The inability to give even one fuck about someone or something, i.e., the situation in which one is unable to care. This term is also used to express dismay, disbelief, or sarcasm pertaining to someone or something, and can be a successful comeback comment in the event of a downward-spiraling conversation.

Like I said earlier, it’s an oxymoron because it’s about directing your attention to that which is truly important and not at that which seems to be important. (Holidays themselves fall into the latter category.) Using Christmas as an example, it doesn’t mean I won’t buy Christmas presents for others (because its the reason for the season, right?), but I certainly won’t cry if I don’t get one either. It also doesn’t mean I’ll buy a cheap gift just so I can say I gave you something over being mindful and selecting something that fits your personality. Yet, I also won’t go into debt for anyone either. (In other words, I won’t rob Peter today so I struggle to pay Paul back during the half of next year.

Furthermore, I’ll look for ways to give back to others who are truly in need but I’d also find ways to give back to the Earth, to show reverence to my ancestors instead of neglecting their needs and their well-being. So, I actually do give a fuck. But for now, I’m free from following the traditions of man. I can now choose how I want to give a fuck, with whom I want to share my fucks with and where I’ll go and spend my (energetic speaking) fucks. 😂 And if you have become overwhelmed by all of my fucks then check the etymology of the word fuck. #justfuckingsaying 😆

But, on a serious note, I don’t necessarily feel the need anymore to impose my views on others. It’s often better to let people be who they are and believe what they believe. As someone said on Twitter one day and I’m paraphrasing: “Not everyone is ready to wake up.” So let people enjoy their Christmas carols, drink their spiked eggnog, borrow and/or charge up their credit cards because it’s their prerogative. 🙆 💃